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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Okay, so. A wrong number hit on me. Yeah. Dude calls me up looking for (you know, I never figured out who he was looking for) and ends up asking me out.

This is yet more horrific because we can barely understand each other. The guy is FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) from mainland China and speaking to me in Mandarin asking for - fuck, I don't even know who the fuck he's asking for - so I try to be polite and confirm the number he dialed, and he was given the wrong number.

Now, my conversational Mandarin is horrible. I figured I would just communicate 1) that I wasn't the person he was looking for and 2) what my number was, so he could either dial again, or realize that he had a wrong number.

And the guy tries to start talking to me, and like, asking if anyone has lived here before, and I'm trying desperately to tell him that this is a cell phone not a land line and that I've had the same number for like 5 years, blah blah blah, and he keeps trying to tell me stuff and, you know, if you repeat the same thing five times in exactly the same way, I'm not going to understand any better at the end.

And then at the end when he finally gets it, he asks me out to apologize for troubling me. Dude, we can barely communicate simple concepts to each other--how do you think meeting in person is going to be?

And I really hate being in the position of having to communicate in Mandarin/Cantonese because (a lot of) Chinese people are such fucking assholes about that and are always mean to me and making fun of me, blah blah blah, I faced more discrimination in my own country for that than I do here in general, LOL! :P

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that is really fucking gross, and more than a little bit scary. Mind you it would be scarier if he called you back.

He did call me back! *shrieks* But I do have caller ID so I just didn't answer. Yikes.

ewwww that is nasty. Why is that when people want to ask you out, or want to date at all they think they have the right to indulge in stalkerish behaviour?

*hugs you* if needs be, Frala and I will come down and beat him up

I don't know! Only freaks seem to be interested in me. :(

*hugs* Thanks! My heroes. *clutches hands to chest*

Creepy! My only foreign-language-hit-on attempt was in Spanish and I was able to squeak away with "No habla espagnol!" and ran to the (hysterically laughing) arms of my friends. Bastards.

Dude, that's funny funny. Sorry. It is.

But next time, I give you permission to transfer him over to me, and I'll tell him off good and proper. :)

It was so bizarre.

Haha, he'll ask you out too!

You're so my hero, fake wife! What a fucking creep. Just like Steinbrenner (I swear I'll stop saying that).

Dude. On Saturday night I was in downtown Ottawa celebrating my little sister's birthday, and this drunk guy walks up to us, says something really fast (I'm not sure what exactly it is what he said, something like "5 girls aren't I lucky." ) and ended with YEYEYEYEYE. I was like .. "wtf is that?".

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