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Where are the Swedish fish?

I can't find Swedish fish at Safeway or Walgreens. :( Do we not have them in the Bay Area? Or am I just blind? *sniffle*

Fake!Gatorios log made me sniffly, but I didn't cry, so Kennedy can't make fun of me. There are of course, numerous other things I do that can be made fun of, I suppose.

I was telling Frala that the pirate game I play could be a huge success if it's marketed well. Lots of people play simple games like Bejeweled all the time, and this is kind of similar, but more fun because you play with other people, and performing the puzzle has some kind of function. It's lots of fun to pillage and get booty.

Plus, pirates are inherently fun.

The combination of screwy sleep, possibly hallucinogenic mushrooms in the soup I had for lunch, caffeine in my green tea and broccoli (which makes me light-headed) for lunch have made me very strange, and possibly useless for work. I think instead I'll sign Chip up for a new web provider, one that doesn't charge $30/mth. *shrieks*
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