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Let me sleep

I'm on a break from losing weight. I've had it for 10 years, it can wait a couple of weeks more, eh?

A funny thing happened to me last night. I don't know how to quite phrase it. I can describe what happened, bullet point style, but I can't quite describe my thought process, or how I felt about the whole thing. Or maybe I'm just not sure.

I was walking home at about midnight from the office, and this guy stopped me to talk to me outside this sports bar. He was slightly drunk, but buzzed rather than sloshed. He kept calling me beautiful and cute and sweet and how I had an attractive personality or something, to which I roll my eyes, because I don't think I'm beautiful, and even though I may appear to be sweet, I'm not a nice person.

He wanted to give me his number, so I let him, and then he wanted to talk to me some more so I asked him if he wanted to walk home with me. Because I was bored, and I wanted to... observe him? Heh. anyway, I was smiling, and laughing, and probably giving the impression that I was having a good time, which I wasn't. Not that I was having a bad time, or that I was pretending, but I was just kind of feeling okay and that's the way I am. So I was kind of noticing that as I was talking to him, and wondering how I could make there be less of a dis... dis... disjunction? uhh, difference between what I'm like on the inside and outside.

When we got back to my place, and I went to the back door that leads to 23450872602072 apartments, so he doesn't know which one mine is, he wanted to give me a kiss on my cheek, and I said sure, because I didn't care. And he did, and it was nice, but not nice because it was from him, but because it was a kiss.

See, all of this sounds so ambiguous, because I wasn't attracted to him, and at the same time, he wasn't this creepy guy or I would have told him to go away. I was just bored, I guess? Blah blah blah.

I am a couch potato, yes I am.

Jack and Bobby is an awesome show. Good idea, good execution. And I love the fact that the mom is such a strong character, and an integral part of the show.

Stargate Atlantis continues to impress me with how not stupid the characters are, and how complex the themes are. And how nobody really gives a fuck if somebody's feelings are hurt when lives are on the line unlike some other space exploration series. *grin*

I wonder if the whole Nip/Tuck incest storyline upset anyone. I think I've been desensitized by years of incest fics. :P
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