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The Invincible M.A.E.

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In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday, I played the pirate game and had Pirates of the Caribbean on TV.

Actually, I kind of forgot about it, would have been playing the game anyway, and randomly decided that it was time to archive the movie so that I could free up some space on my TiVo for recording several inevitably disappointing pilots for new fall shows.

'Twas a hearty day!

frala tried the pirate game and immediately dressed like a whore, har! I'm all excited she liked the game, hehe. I took her out pillaging and plundering with me and she has some Pieces of Eight now. If she gets more she can buy clothes and be dressed like an expensive whore! :P We should go on a pillage with spoothbrush. :)

I keep meaning to gush about Rescue Me, but keep getting distracted by piracy, so I'll just summarize it thus: any show that features a scene in which a young dumb hot guy sprays something down his pants and moans with relief while his young dumb hot guy friend points and nods and smiles in approval and encouragement is all right with me.

I watched part of Hawaii but couldn't get through the whole thing. The show is called Hawaii. I expect gratuitous busty babes bouncing on the beach scenes every 15 minutes or so, and saw none in the 20 minutes I watched. Boo.

Staying up until 4 AM plundering booty does not make for an alert and awake Mae the next day. Nevertheless, there is work to be done. Barnacle.

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Hee, you do! Then I could take you out plundering. :D

Pillage pillage pillage!

I need to make a pirate icon.

Yar! I need to update mine so it reflects my latest outfit, but I'm at work, so I probably shouldn't start the game up...

I did a count with some crewmates today and we discovered that I have 5 outfits, not counting my horrible one for hide-and-seek.


Clothes whore!

Ihave just the two sets, one for jobbing and one for sailing with my own crew. I have no idea why, it's not like we have a dress code or anything and the latter is just Sharks colors. :P

It's so fun! I so need to screen cap myself LOL, thanks for the booty!

and we should so pillage together hehe, me and aj are practicing together lol, one we find each other that is

Hehe, absolutely, I'll take you out on my ship! My real ship is bigger than that one, so I can't really take it out by myself, but with 2 other people it should be good. :)

I must try this pirate game you speak so highly of.

Wife! Fix my computer!

Do you like puzzle games like Tetris and Bejeweled? Most of the game is like that.

I'll take you out of my (borrowed) ship! We can sail the high seas sea together!

Hehe, I would like to! Maybe I'll go down to Santa Cruz and we can have sushi and I can tinker with your computer. :)

It was Talk like a Pirate day yesterday? Damn, how come I always miss these things >3<

Is there more of these days that I should know about?


I have no clue what the game is about, but I'll give it a try, right it finishing downloading. ;x

It's one of the more obscure days, I guess...

The heart of the game is simple puzzle games, kind of like tetris and bejeweled, but there's other aspects to it that are more complex, if you're interested in that. :)

frala tried the pirate game and immediately dressed like a whore, har!

Ahahahahahahahaha. Oh Frala ;)

i watch Rescue Me too. I have seen every episode. I like it, just not so much the language. and i totally agree with you.

It took me like 3 episodes to differentiate the young guys. Franco was the first one I could tell apart, because he's Latino, haha.

My favourite is probie (Mike) I think, followed by Sean. Innocence before stupidity! :D

Democrat plans 'girlie man' Schwarzenegger doll

SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called Democrats "girlie men" during a recent budget battle. Now, a Democratic lobbyist wants to turn him into one in the form of a bobblehead doll in a hot pink dress and matching pumps.

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