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Ye olde update

Ahoy! I emerge briefly from pillaging and plundering to write stuff I've been meaning to mention here, and should before I completely forget.

Hard Disks (and losing them)
My hard disk failed a couple of weeks ago or so. It was completely unreadable by Windows, despite mostly being okay, because Windows sucks. Alex was aware of this awesome thing the System Rescue CD which is basically Linux plus a bunch of nifty utilities, and I was able to boot off that and copy everything I wanted off the defective hard disk onto my new one.
Summary: Windows can't read my busted hard disk, while Linux can. Windows blows.

I finally bought a CD burner and a bunch of CD-RW media for making backups of my most important files. It makes me feel a little bit more secure, but really doing manual backups is a pain in the ass. I could probably automate the whole process by writing a batch file that would do the file backup, and use the task scheduler to run it every day, but then if the hard disk crapped out, I would still have to do a full system reinstall, including installation and configuration of all my applications.

The solution I will go to when I upgrade my computer, probably in about a year, will be to get a motherboard that has onboard RAID support (and pretty much all of them do right now) and set up a couple of disks in a RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration. Basically, I'll have automatic ongoing backups and will not lose any data unless both hard disks crap out at the same time.

I believe that all systems should be set up this way. It will spare everyone the heartache of having a hard disk die (and they will die eventually--that "mean time to failure" number is their death sentence :P) and losing everything. And maybe sometime in the not so distant future, Dell, Gateway et al will set up their systems that way. But it will take a while, because it sounds nicer to sell someone more hard disk space, rather than providing redundancy for the same money.

Typically there's a hit on performance when there are writes to the hard disk with RAID 1, but I think it's pretty negligible. I set up a system at work with RAID 1 and I haven't noticed any slowness of any kind. (Helps that it's a P4 3.4GHz with 2 gigs of RAM, heh.)
Summary: People should have computers that have two hard disks in them, so that if one fails, everything is still fine because the computer has been automatically saving data to both disks. But they won't for a while because vendors suck.


It is so awesome to see everyone playing for their countries. And I have a soft spot for Team Germany because most of their NHL players are Sharkies! It was so good to see Marco skate again, and skate well, and score. :D

I feel really sorry for the Slovaks. :( Actually, no, I don't. I just feel sorry for Marian. Apparently, he's been "quiet". I hate people being described as "quiet". Because quiet means that the person was lazy and ineffective and not interested and not trying and I don't think that's true most of the time. Just because someone doesn't produce a goal or an assist, doesn't mean they weren't trying. Marian is a two-way player, so he's not always going to be full-force I-own-the-offensive-zone boy, and umm... *clears throat* I do admit that I haven't got that much sleep and I'm babbling.

I love the Czechs. Please unscratch Petr though, thank you. You know you want to. You want to hear the announcers wax poetic about his long, blonde, flowing locks. I wonder who gave him the idea to do that anyway. *peers suspiciously at Elias*

Went to A's/Red Sox game on Tuesday with Lira. *cuddles her* Baseball games have a really nice atmosphere, although mildly belligerent with all the Red Sox fans around. It's just kind of mellow, and at breaks guys hook up in the outfield to cuddle each other. Err talk, I mean. And give each other manly hugs. Yeah.

I didn't panic this time during the 7th inning stretch! The first game I went to I was like "WTF, why is everyone standing up? Ahh! Is everyone leaving? Help!" Also, I had a quarter of a beer without turning red! I think possibly all the fries and chicken strips I had buffered it or something. Speaking of the food, I really should have resisted the chocolate malt at the end because when I got home I was all thirsty because it was a warm night and alcohol (even a quarter of a beer) dehydrates me and I drank a lot and then I was in so much pain because my tummy felt like it was going to burst and it's still slightly sore/achey today two days later. Seriously, I had to hunch over for like an hour to relive the pain. I am such an idiot. :(

Umm, anyway, it's nice being at a baseball game because you can kind of watch and talk and go get food (notice fixation) and come back and like, you don't really miss a lot? Like for hockey games I watch and it's like... I watch the game. Play starts and the game has all my focus, and I'm really unable to even think about anything besides what's happening cos' it's continuous, and baseball is very discrete.

I'll have to go to a Giants game sometime because apparently it's very nice and the food (notice fixation) is good and I wanna slide down the Coke bottle! Okay, maybe they won't let me since I'm obviously not 12 years old (shh!) but I still think it's very cute!

I got carded buying beer at the game. >.<

Losing Weight
Losing weight is kinda' weird. I've never lost weight in my life, just always put it on. I feel noticeably smaller, especially my legs. The key was finding a form of cardio that I don't mind. Elliptical trainer feels easy, and I can just read my magazines, and then I'm done. Losing weight by just dieting is really slow. And I like to eat (notice fixation). Also, I am never putting weight again. *resolves*

I was going to babble about Rescue Me too, but I'm too tired now. I don't know how you people write massive entries. I can't do it. *collapses*
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