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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mini Hull (haha, oxymoron!) spam

There was this Yotes show on FSN Pacific, like Shark Byte, only not as entertaining, and they had an interview with Hull on the day of his signing.

He said that he'd finished his house in Dallas, and he was all set to end his career there (with his boyfriend), but Wayne and the Phoenix GM kept bugging and bugging him for two weeks (and he had a fight with his boyfriend), and finally agreed.

They asked about him being an old fart (would have been entertaining if they'd really said that) and still being able to play, and Brett answers, "Well, I don't play a real physical brand of hockey..."

Man, I'm so out of it. Way too much pirating over the weekend (playing Puzzle Pirates, not drinking and carousing) and not enough sleep. *yawn*

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Sorry, Mike Modano. I was reading between the lines there. :P

AHOY! *tucks you in matey*

hahaha I wonder if he built the house for him and Mike, since you know Mike put his 5 bedroom mansion on the market. Kind of coincidental, huh?

Poor broken hearted Modano.

Aww, Hull built a love nest for them!

*sniffle* Hull will come back to him eventually, then they'll sit on the porch together.


I know! I can't believe he got between them. Oh. Eww.

now that's a threesome i dont ever want to think about *cringe*

Oh, but Puzzle Pirates *is* drinking and carousing!

Actually, drinking while playing Puzzle Pirates is a Bad Idea. You wind up saying things to your crew you'll wish you hadn't.

There's an out gay hockey player?

I can hear Ellie's brain ticking away even now . . .

*giggle* Just a little conclusion we've jumped to since they go to weddings together in the summer, among other things. :P

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