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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Darcy, Alyn, beware!

What was I thinking?

There's no way I can finish a 50,000 word novel in a month. Well, there is, but it involves ... not doing much of anything else. *giggle*

So I'm not doing it. I'm gonna take my time to finish Oubliette. I'm gonna write Swedish Orgy for James. I'm gonna write Cerulean Sky. I'm gonna write Descendant. *grin*

And I'm gonna write bad Darcy/Alyn smut.

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No backing out! You signed up and you're in it for the long haul like the rest of us!

You can't succeed if you don't try! C'mon it's only 1700 words a day!

*pulls you back into the fold*

But I'm not signed up yet. *grin*

I'm kind of a slow writer, that's the problem ... it took me like 2-3 hours to write 1700 words of smut! *giggle*

But, umm, no harm in trying I guess ... *looks at self* *resembles a big waffle*

Belgian or toaster waffle?

Belgian with ice cream and chocolate sauce and raspberries and whipped cream!

Hee hee. Sounds inspired. Inspiration is good for NaNoWriMo. ;)

awww *hugs* not that Im not looking forward to ficcage cause *SQUEEEE* but I know you wanted too, heh maybe it'll still work our fo you :)

*hugs* Frala, you and Arami are seriously setting off Natuzzi bunnies, btw!

Hehehe!!! *giggle* dude I am soo in lurve with fake burt and nazzy *squiggle* aside form the fact that they hae to fight with the wings they are so damn cute, I;m liek half in love with fake markus myself lol!! thanks

*feeds teh bunny more*

*giggle* You need to make more fake!non-Wings and gang up on them, lol. Maybe you could take on ... just RW. *giggle*

LOL that could work. Heee RW is like amazing to be able to chat as that many peopel :)

Hehe I know ... does she like, IM herself? rofl!

LOL!!! I ahve no idea but they keep a pretty involved storyline going :D

*giggle* Well I guess she has lots of practice, with keeping the various cfic storylines going! :)

LOL that must be it, and dude she had CF going at the same time some nights, id be horribly confuddled

RW has supreme multi-tasking skills. *nods*

*grin* she so does!! :)

CS!!!!!!!!!!! *scampers off*

-Guess Who

*giggle* The next part will be happy, Ms. Guess Who. :)

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