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Come on, Safin! Break down!

Tennis is on my TV because hockey is being recorded. Safin is sucking and he's not even getting pissed off. Bah.

A combination of the Olympics, my hard disk dying and people writing fic in LJ led to me not knowing that Tammy has been back for three days. Bah.

I suppose a good thing about not having any memory is that I don't really know what I've lost? I may not have lost everything. The hard disk is partially readable and I'm going to bring it to work and hook it up to a Linux machine and copy as many files over as I can. Chat logs, pictures, code, save games, mp3s in that order. The hard disk itself is under warranty, so I'll be able to get a replacement, but I already bought a new hard disk, and I certainly wouldn't trust the replacement enough to use it as a primary.

God, Safin sucks today. :(

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