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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Can't... stop... eating...

I found a sickly fascinating site about freaks (don't like using that word, but can't think of another way to describe it succinctly): conjoined twins, parasitic twins *twitches*, people with various other deformities. As you might expect, lots of disturbing pictures.

satyr69 posted a few comic strips from A softer world and I liked them, so I went to check out the site, and I love it. Shortest description I can give of it is that it's Gaimanesque. Some of my favourites:
we've been good, but we can't last
I wish I was never born! I hate you!
long overdue
When I was young, I believed in gutter balls.

I thought that potato chips were the only food that I could just eat and eat and eat until everything was gone and I was full to the point of bursting, and felt nauseous. Give me an unlimited supply of good potato chips and I'd be like those pet fish that eat themselves to death.

I was wrong. I am that way about cashew nuts too. >.< I bought this huge 2 pound jar of cashews from Safeway and I've been eating an obscene amount of them. Ugh. I feel sick now. But can't stop eating...

It's not like I get cravings for these things or anything, I just can't stop eating them when they're there.

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*g* no self control! I hear ya

I love the first comic soooo damn much :)

fuck I loved those, umm collages? there were, inspiring and made me think.

And babe I can not be having chips in the house. I just... turn into a shark and eat until i want to throw up.

I'd call them comic strips, except that they weren't drawn. The style is very similar and I think that's what the site refers to them as. But they're awesome. :)

Ah, another fan of chips! I don't stop until the bag is empty. This is a problem when it's one of those party-size like half-pound bags. *grin*

I must be a sugar freak, because I am that way about after-dinner mints, Valentine's Day candy hearts, and candy corn. I will eat until I'm sick unless I literally have someone hide them from me.

Oh, me too. But they seem to take such a beating. Poor delicious candy corn.

*giggle* I guess everyone has their weakness. :P

Dude. That comic rocks!

Thanks for zee linkage.

It's awesome! Glad you enjoyed. :)

2 very interesting links in one post, gah. thanks so much, i now have something to distract me even more with.

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