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My life goal!

Volleyball just gets better and better.

Announcer 1: A facial on Andre!
Announcer 2: Well the Dutch fans are going to eat that up, huh?

Athletes with sticks/rackets/implements of any kind like to beat their teammates with them. I was watching the badminton mixed doubles final (shush) and the Chinese man kept whacking the woman with his racket.

Why was "Crazy in Love" the theme song of USA vs Argentina men's basketball?

The most important swimming competition for the US men is who low-rides more--Phelps or Peirsol?

Svetlana Khorkina has major attitude. *loves* I think she's a black Russian. Aww, and smiling and waving the Russian flag when she got the silver, and then shrugging like, "Hey, I did pretty good." And the whole loving being a diva thing. *loves*

The South African swimmers seem like white supremacists to me.

I don't really have any big goals in life or... goals in life aside from basic survival, really. Pretty much the only thing I'm actually interested in doing is learning the butterfly, and after watching all the swimming in the Olympics, I actually went to see if there were pools nearby, and if I could take lessons, and there are, and I can! So the plan is to sign up when classes start. :)

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