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What is it about Pauls?

Thanks to almightychrissy for giving me the link to some Olympic girl porn, where there are the most lovely pictures of Logan Tom *points at icon* She is, of course, the new girlcrush. :D I love that expression. Pissed off and intense. She looks like that pretty much the entire time on the court. :P

Also, really gay quote, which makes me love more:
Team bonding
"I drink too much sometimes. My teammates and I are allowed to have somewhat of a life. When we go to clubs, you can’t miss us. We’re huge! Shit, I’m the short one on the team, and I’m 6-foot-1. We like dancing with each other. We’ll grind and do whatever, because I’d rather dance with them. I’m like, ‘Wait a second. I’m straight, right?"

But as hot as she is, she has not made me cry (yet). That honor belongs to Paul Hamm. Damn. I gasped out so loud when he fell after his vault that my roommate and her friend came all the way from the back of the apartment to check on me. And then he did that awesome parallel bars routine and I was weepy that he'd put in such a good performance even though he wasn't going to get a medal.

Then he got into 4th place and it was like... wow, he has a chance to get a medal! *hopes* And after his amazing high bar routine, even before I knew the score, I started crying, cos' he'd come back from something so devastating and didn't let that get him down and he kept going and I just admire that so much. And then seeing the score and finding out he won gold and watching his reaction. Oh man. *heart swells*

I think watching him nail the parallel bars and high bar - either of those - is going to make me cry whenever I see it, forever, just like seeing Paul Kariya getting knocked out and then coming back to score a goal always makes me cry.

In non-Olympics news, today I hit the gym in my athletic bra type top and shorts because it was sunny and warm, and although it was windy, it was okay. When I came out of the gym an hour later, it was totally foggy; foggy enough to feel like a light drizzle, the sky was dim white, it was still windy, and everyone was walking around in their fleeces. Good thing I was still warm. :P

That was kind of boring. Sorry for sharing that. It's late and I'm sleepy. :P

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