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Olympics = slash

I have been shamefully addicted to the Olympics ever since it started.

Seriously. I've been glued to my TV. And amazingly, all the athletes fondling all their teammates (of the same sex) have nothing to do with it.

(Okay, I know Courtney Kupet's mom did not just scream "shake it, baby" to her. It just sounded like it.)

Umm, anyway, I've been watching so much. I thought I'd just catch platform diving and maybe gymnastics and swimming, but I've also been watching tennis *shakes fist at joolzie*, volleyball *shamefaced*, softball (WTF? I think baseball is boring), badminton, table tennis...

Synchronized platform diving is just like... insane. Like, let's take an event that's tough enough on it's own... and make someone else do the same thing--exactly the same! Women's synchronized 10m platform diving gold went to a couple of Chinese girls, 16 and 17, and the silver went to Russian girls, 15 and 16. Can we say UAGP???

(OMG there are little gymnastics girls kissing each other on my screen, even more UAGP!!! *weeps*)

(Ahh, and earlier another Miracle reference from Phelps after the 4x200 relay. It made my heart swell. That was an awesome, really close race. I was all nervous. :P)

I was really nervous watching the men's gymnastics last night, just hoping that nobody (from any team) would blow it. Razvan Selariu (Romanian gymnast) is so pretty and looks kind of like AlMo. He totally humped the pooch like three times that I saw in the prelims and finals, heh. He's still pretty though!

Joscelin Yeo, swimmer from Singapore, was in one of the televised heats! I think it was the 400 individual IM. She came in dead last, LOL, it was really cool to see her, though. I think she might have gone to my school. Apparently she has tattoos and body piercings, which makes me more inclined to think that she is from my school. ;)

I'm sadly addicted to watching volleyball now. I can't figure it out. Maybe just how specialized it is? How much teamwork is required? My favourite US player is Logan Tom. She's good, but I think she's so pretty, especially with that hairstyle. :) And I found out she's a Stanford girl! *cheers*

Man, watching all this swimming really makes me want to swim. In a real pool. None of that junior olympic stuff. A real 50m pool with 8 lanes that I can do proper laps in. Hmm, I wonder where the nearest one is.
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