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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stupid construction

There seems to be this unspoken rule that all incredibly noisy construction at work must be done at 7.30 AM. It's really mellow the rest of the day, and I can (and have) slept through a thunderstorm, so if they would just save that noisy stuff for the end of the day, I'd be fine and not short on sleep and be asleep and not watching the Olympics.

Speaking of which, Bill Clement called table tennis, and he actually made a comparison to the Stanley Cup playoffs! No sport is ever compared to hockey! It's always hockey being compared to other sports on ESPN broadcasts when they're trying to entice new viewers. *gigglesnort* I guess there is some kind of food chain going on and hockey is above table tennis (you can't take these things for granted :P)

Oh, and the US gymnastics girls quoted Miracle! "Who do you play for?" "USA!" so cool. :)

I didn't end up going shooting after all because I was short on sleep that day and I figured I shouldn't be shooting guns. :P Next time, I guess.

I really like watching volleyball. *boggle*

[Edit: WTF is that number you call to find out what the phone number of the phone you're calling from is?]

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DUDE I heard Clement call the Outdoor Games last month. GHe just does all the unloved shit, doens't he?

Oh, and the US gymnastics girls quoted Miracle! "Who do you play for?" "USA!" so cool. :)

That was AWESOME

He calls badminton too, but that one makes more sense cos' apparently he was high school badminton champion or something. *giggle*

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Now I want to watch badminton just to see them bring that up again.

It's true! I've heard it mentioned during ESPN hockey broadcasts too! And oddly enough, I can so picture him playing badminton. :P

Now that I think about it, I can do.

Since I didn't catch this before, I hated hated hated volleyball, I hated playing it, I hated watching it all through Saturday....

...and then last night they showed Kerri Walsh and now I'm looking for the schedule to see when it's on again :)

Ha! The one time I played it at the beach I was completely useless at it, so I was able to watch in peace. :P

I'm going to be recording as many games as I can. *shamefaced*

I was watching that and they said that the girls watched Miracle the previous night and it was "a tremendous inspiration." Duh, motherfucker! Of course it was an inspiration!

Oh, and the US gymnastics girls quoted Miracle!

Aw they were so high pitched it was so cute!

I know... The stupid parks people start working in the park across the street at 7:00 every other morning. How many times a week to you have to cut the damned grass? And I thought leaf-blowers were banned in this city?
Then you never see any workers after noon. *buys gun and waits on Balcony*

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