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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Holy Swedish sex!

OMG, gimmeapuck *cuddles* found some underage Swedish boy porn!!! *shrieks to death* Holy shit, I even found Foppa hot! *self-flagellates in repentance*

OMG baby!Nazzy sliding on his knees to celebrate a goal! *boggles* And so poised and mature at 15. Of course I don't understand Swedish so he could have been saying, "Ha! I kicked their whiny little asses!" but he sounded very mature.

Jesus, Andreas Salomonsson. Get him back in the NHL right now! And all that cake! I totally thought there was going to be a porn moment where they'd start feeding each other cake. Off their naked bodies.


Yeah, uhh, thanks Jen! :D

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I'm not... sure... I can... properly... form... words... right... now... after... watching... Nazzy and... Foppa... eat... cake...

Hey. Have you seen the (or a) picture of Kerry wearing a hockey uniform?

(Deleted comment)
it's hot shit huh? I thought I sent it to you a long time ago. I know I showed Tammy.

It makes me all gooey. [fondles Naslund]

Doh! How did I miss it? *weeps*

It's great. :)

Dude. You didn't see that the first time it went around? I'm sorry.

And yeah. That clip is just...Hello.

No! *shrieks* I wonder what other goodness I've missed... *sniffle*

Dude, that Andreas guy was SO HOT as an adult and SO DORKY as a kid. Eee!

*giggle* Yeah! I love the winking!

Holy crap, could that Andreas dude be any hotter? After watching that, I'm convinced that the Misshapen Twins are the only Swedish guys who AREN'T hot. And I laughed every time they showed Foppa with his stupid hat. *snickers*

I know! What's in the water over there? *grin*

*falls to the floor in a faint*

gah! sal!!!!!! fuck do we miss him. such an awesome guy.

i.... have to go kill kittens. then write smut. is it hot in here??

Any chance you'd get him back? Or is he too expensive?


*sobs* I can't see it! *bemoans existence*

Dude, one of these days I need to fix your computer.

That... movie was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen in my life.

It was like porn.

With clothes. And cake.

Somehow the cake was surprisingly prominent, eh?

Lovely, just lovely! Even Foppa looked good...that's kind of scary! :)

I know! *flagellates you too*

Oh dear god.... Nazzy.... Peter... frosting.....

Babies.... Nazzy on his knees........

Okay okay I'm better now

Dude. Andreas. The wink. *swoonful*

And man Foppa has great skin. *cough*

Hee! I remember that video

I love that SO FUCKING MUCH! *spazz*

hehehe. so hot, eh? *grins*

Dude, that was porn. *grin* Even Foppa was hot! *scrubs self*

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