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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bullet point update

  • Going to be a bridesmaid for my college friend's wedding next March! *cheers*

  • Still exercising/dieting/losing weight

  • Super-excited that Petr is going to be playing in the World Cup

  • Puckbunnying after Safin--what do you call tennis puckbunnies? And no, I do not mean Anna Kournikova.

  • Loving Stargate Atlantis because there is finally a sci-fi series with a woman in charge who doesn't make boneheaded decisions because someone's feelings might get hurt.

  • Loving Nip/Tuck (but hating Matt, who looks freakishly like Michael Jackson), Shark Week (I had lots of episodes Tivo'ed).

  • Completely in love with that horrific fic on HD where in the first instalment, Chelifisch overcome their problems to find true happiness and Fishy is promptly hit by a truck, then in the second instalment Chelifisch overcome Fishy's accident to find true happiness again and Cheli is promptly fucked by Patty Roy. Features such gems as "breech (sic) the virgin passageway" and "raining precum".

  • Was reading old THN today and read article on true, undying love between Patty and Marco. Injured right winger Marco Sturm was on the road in the playoffs in body, mind and spirit, ready to lend moral support and maintain a routine for Sharks captain and roommate Patrick Marleau. ... "But I'll be back with Patty on the road, so that'll be good. It's kind of our routine. I'll feel a little involved. ... "It's hard, but I like it when it gets more emotional and louder. Was he at the wedding? Or was he bitter that Patty got married and was off drinking himself into oblivion in Germany training for the World Cup?

  • Also in the same issue are the Sedin twins in the "Separated at Birth" section. No, they are not each other's. It's them and John Stevens from American Idol.

  • Went to Peruvian restaurant for dinner tonight and OMG those Peruvian cookies alfajores are awesome. *munches a whole plate of them*

  • Going to Napa Valley tomorrow for wine-tasting. Confident that I'll be smashed before noon.

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patty and marco ♥

haha have fun tomorrow!!

I'm still bitter about that fic. :-P

I must find a pic of this John Stevens guy!

And dude, you're not supposed to swallow the wine, just taste it and spit it back out *giggles*

*giggles* dude I wish I knew hehehe

It was really an unfortunate coincidence. :(

Here's one:

Nobody did the spitting thing! I did have very tiny sips though. :)

OMG! They weren't lying! IT'S A SEDIN! >.

Matt DOES look freakishly like MJ!!! I've maintained this from the beginning *laughs*.


Dude, did you burst out laughing when he said "look into my eyes and tell me you aren't attracted to me" to Ava?

HAHAHAHAH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty + Marco = 4EVA!!111one!

"Raining precum"? Oh lord. I think I need to go play catch-up.

Thinking of the Sedins and John Stevens all at once makes me want to crawl under a rock and cry.

*locks them in a room together*

You won't regret it! I only wish that she'd gone through with the Brett Hull attempted suicide side story, and the foreshadowed Fishy pain medication addiction.

I'm sorry. :(

Why are you still losing weight you tiny little person? :)

Ooh. Puckbunnies in tennis are called...racket whores? *g*

I LOVE GAY HOCKEY. "gay hockey" kinda redundant.

And piffle. John Stevens looks more like one of the boys that the Canucks drafted.

LOL! Yeah, it is. Chip says NHL stands for "National Homoerotic League".

I have no idea who this Chip person is that you keep speaking of, but I enjoy him.

He's my ex-boyfriend who I'm still good friends with. He decided that all hockey players are gay after hearing Petr call Steve Thomas "stumpy".

Features such gems as "breech (sic) the virgin passageway" and "raining precum".


Also in the same issue are the Sedin twins in the "Separated at Birth" section. No, they are not each other's. It's them and John Stevens from American Idol.

So THAT's what his name was. I called him the Third Sedin. :D

You know, it's scary how many Sedin lookalikes there are out there. :(

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