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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

Blood test results

I got my blood test results back today. Everything looks good! All the levels of everything are in the normal range, and my good cholesterol levels are high, and my bad cholesterol levels are low.

Specifically, I was worried about my glucose level, as diabetes runs in my family, as well as cholesterol level, as high cholesterol also runs in my family. So does cancer and heart disease. *big stupid smile and thumbs up*

I get to see baby Sharkies tomorrow!!! I'm going with lastcatastrophe and her bf, and branwynelf and tersa will be there too so it will be a big, tearful reunion. I'm really looking forwrad to it, because having watched a couple of Sharks drafts now, I think I'll at least recognize more of the prospects by name.

I love pressing ice cream into the little squares in waffles then eating it. It really makes me happy. Good food makes me happy. *sigh*

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yay!! *huggles*

and HAVE FUN!!!!

Ooooo! You're going? And so is branwynelf? Yay!!!

Hej! Been out of the know-how and just popped on lj for a minute to scan for hockey news. You're seeing babies?! Does that mean that the NHL worked everything out and that we're having a season and we'll get to go to Disney Ice and laugh at Petr and talk about his chinchilla and then there will be Stars games and I can be happy???? :)

Tell Lira I heard about Nomar. :( Give her a hug.

Dude, you know what's weird, I got up pretty much at the same time you left this comment, which is about... 2.5 hours earlier than I would have liked to wake up. :P

*cuddles* The camp we went to was the voluntary prospect camp. No official word on the CBA and stuff, but apparently it's pretty hopeful. *crosses fingers*

*shrieks* OMG we have to do that!!! You know his hair is really long now, like shoulder length? And that's the blonde part so it's like... yes, we will laugh at him. :P

I will. She's very sad. :(


He must be stopped. He must be going through some strange.. I wanna say menopausal thing but it's just a whoreless thing.

Dude... he's replacing Lang in the World Cup--surrounded by Czechs! There will be so much loving. :)

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