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Gayest PS2 game ever

I present, literally, the gayest PS2 game ever. Link leads to a brief description of the game and screenshots.

Here's an article about it from Electronic Gaming Monthly:

What's with all the sweaty, half-naked Japanese dudes? According to the front of the game box, The Friendship Adventure is "a story of beautiful, intense friendship in a world of men who live for their work." You ply as an up-and-coming TV announcer at a struggling network, and, using your gift of gab, you'll build relationships with your male coworkers to help produce successful programs.

Any chance this male-bonding sim will arrive Stateside? Probably not, especially if someone tells the ESRB the game's backstory. The Friendship Adventure is a bowdlerized port of a Japanese PC game where you and your male friends did stuff that exceeded the bounds of your typical friendship. Yes, onscreen.

Man. Why can't they have a game like that, only with hockey players in it? Oh wait, it's called NHL 2004.

If you were wondering, bowdlerized means:
1. To expurgate (a book, for example) prudishly.
2. To modify, as by shortening or simplifying or by skewing the content in a certain manner.

I lost another pound last week, which is in line with how much I was eating and exercising. It feels so mellow after the week before, LOL.

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