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Stylin' glasses, little girl camis

Happy birthday, Christiane!!!

I went to get a long overdue eye exam last week. I haven't had one for over 10 years, and I was convinced that my eyesight was much, much worse. Plus I had the ugliest glasses ever.

Amazingly, my eyesight hasn't in fact worsened in 10 years, so I suppose that means that I was just hallucinating the problem? Heh. But! I got a stylin' new pair of glasses anyway. (Thanks, insurance!)

And because my eyesight hasn't gotten worse, it means I still have perfect sight in my right eye, which means that I don't have to wear glasses unless I want that cool like, three-dimensional effect, and also, because of the mild nearsightedness in my left eye, I probably won't need reading glasses when I get old. :D

I browsed Old Navy yesterday, and I've discovered the Girls section!!! The clothes are cheaper, and I'm pretty sure I could fit into the XXL size or whatever it is, pants would probably not be too long for me, and they have lace camisoles. Why 8-year-olds would need lace camisoles is beyond me, but score for me!

Yay for Mo being signed! I do not have a Mo icon *gasp* so I'll use one of Natuzzi instead, as really, they're the same thing.

I really should start actually trying to find a new job, instead of just saying that I'm going to find one. But it's so scary! *hides under covers*

[Edit: I also got an awesome new optical mouse that has a high resolution sensor (good for games) that is almost as exciting for me as the glasses. *geeks*]
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