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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stylin' glasses, little girl camis

Happy birthday, Christiane!!!

I went to get a long overdue eye exam last week. I haven't had one for over 10 years, and I was convinced that my eyesight was much, much worse. Plus I had the ugliest glasses ever.

Amazingly, my eyesight hasn't in fact worsened in 10 years, so I suppose that means that I was just hallucinating the problem? Heh. But! I got a stylin' new pair of glasses anyway. (Thanks, insurance!)

And because my eyesight hasn't gotten worse, it means I still have perfect sight in my right eye, which means that I don't have to wear glasses unless I want that cool like, three-dimensional effect, and also, because of the mild nearsightedness in my left eye, I probably won't need reading glasses when I get old. :D

I browsed Old Navy yesterday, and I've discovered the Girls section!!! The clothes are cheaper, and I'm pretty sure I could fit into the XXL size or whatever it is, pants would probably not be too long for me, and they have lace camisoles. Why 8-year-olds would need lace camisoles is beyond me, but score for me!

Yay for Mo being signed! I do not have a Mo icon *gasp* so I'll use one of Natuzzi instead, as really, they're the same thing.

I really should start actually trying to find a new job, instead of just saying that I'm going to find one. But it's so scary! *hides under covers*

[Edit: I also got an awesome new optical mouse that has a high resolution sensor (good for games) that is almost as exciting for me as the glasses. *geeks*]

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Ooh, cute glasses!

Hee, being able to shop in the girls section is like the one saving grace of being teensy. And really, why DO kids need lace camis? Ridiculous.

... Huh. I don't have a Mo icon either. Poor neglected Mo!


Man, I feel slow for not having discovered this sooner. *giggle*

I think he's used to it. :(

Ooh those are such cute glasses *G*

And yay for the girls' section. I can't do that myself, but it's cool.

Whoo! I have a MO icon *G*


*grin* That's because you have boobs. :P


LOL! Okay I hadn't thought of it that way but I guess that is true :D

socute glasses :D

hee there are more 'grown up' looking clothes in teh kids ections nowadays anyway lol, wheeee

MO!!! I gots motuzzi anyway ;)

Eeee your glasses are lovely, and yay for not that bad vision :)

OOO those are nice glasses! *covets* And *pounce* Thanks!

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