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Day number 5

Ah yes, sweet, sweet sleep deprivation.

I am giddy with lack of sleep, tons of walking, excellent food and Spider-Man 2. So I might sound even giddier and more incoherent than usual. (Ha!) I present the lovely Petra Nemcova as my icon (which might change to whoever my latest girlcrush is if you're reading this in the future). Her name is Petra! And she's Czech! She's clearly the female version of Petr Sykora. Who doesn't play hockey. Or have a (possibly dead) chinchilla. And her Petraness is why I love her! *smooch*

Speaking of names, I suddenly remember that my Primary 2 Chinese teacher was called Mr. Kok, and my Primary 5 English teacher was called Mrs. Hoare. And I know that I had at least one Madam Ho along the way, heh.

I went to the San Francisco Zoo today with branwynelf and company. Within fifteen minutes of getting there, I got crapped on. It's a good thing I was so giddy that it didn't bother me that much, but it was a strange way to start the zoo visit. Stupid seagulls. We walked around, and it became apparent that while I may not being sleeping so good, the animals are just fine. Pretty much everything was asleep--zebras, lemurs, rhino, elephant, polar bears anaconda, crocodile, wallaroos, etc etc. All asleep.

Also, there was an amazing amount of animal ass. Almost all the animals made sure that we had a great view of their asses. Some in startlingly pornographic poses. As branwynelf remarked, it is the San Francisco zoo after all.

I decided to hang out at the flamingo pond after cleaning the crap out of my hair and witnessed the following exchange between a kid and his mom.
KID: Mom! That flamingo's missing a leg!
MOM: No, dear, that's just the way they stand.
KID: No! It's missing a leg! Look at it!
MOM: No, dear, they tuck their leg under-
KID: It's missing a leg!!!
To the kid's credit, the flamingo he was pointing at really did look like it was missing a leg.

Penguins smell bad.

Watching lions and tigers eat is fascinating. *coughs* Close your eyes, dazedpuckbunny. So aside from the standard meat and bones - they get fed horsemeat - the lions get, they also get frozen treats as part of their meal. For the cubs, that's a cup of frozen blood, and for the adults, it's a cup of frozen rabbit head. Seriously. You can see the little rabbit ears poking out!

I went to watch Spider-Man 2. I love Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. He's got the whole dorky and good person thing going. *loves*

I got a postcard from tamiflu! *loves* She never wants to leave Sweden, but she's only saying that because it's summer and not fucking freezing. She's getting lost and walking in circles and eating ice cream, so all is good.

Why does this Swedish stamp have teepees on it?

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