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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Harry Potter LEGO stuff!

I just got a LEGO catalog in the mail today, and they have so much fun, cool Harry Potter stuff, and I'm not even a huge fan - haven't even read the books, just watched the movies - but I look it and it's like I want I want I want!!!

*ahem* Anyway, they have a motorized Hogwarts Express train (with station), and the Knight Bus, and the castle, and other stuff too but I thought those three were the coolest. But what I thought was funny is that as part of the castle set, they have a hideous, terrifying, evil, memory-sucking, bone-chilling...

...cutelittlecuddly Dementor!

Hogwarts Castle with cutelittlecuddly Dementor in foreground

The castle is so cool. You can open it and wind up the clock, so the dial actually turns and the pendulum swings. Hey look! It's a couple of cutelittlecuddly Dementors skulking about!

Open Hogwarts Castle

Also, to join in the falafel crusade a little bit, I had a falafel with red pepper hummus yesterday from Whole Foods and it was awesome! So go eat a falafel today! (Exception made for dazedpuckbunny, who would probably drop to the ground convulsing if she had one. Or break into hives. Or have a piano fall on her. Something like that.)

rate of buying food > rate of consumption of food => overflowing pantry shelf

At least I finished the ten pounds of fruit I bought last week. *sends food over to frala*

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Falafel would be good right now! Thanks for the dinner idea!

EEEEK! Dementors!

*pets the little plastic Dementor* It's so non-threatning!

Is that Draco in the really lame green cape?

I want a catalog! How do I get one?!?!?

that is soo fucking cool!!! :D

mmm food, I sm so gonna go buy more fruit, actually I might just get groceries tonight instead of tomorrow anyway :)

the dementoor is almost dare I say cute!!!

my aunt jackie sent us lego hockey players so damn cool :)

I know!!! *little kid*

*tickles Dementor*

Hee, yeah those are cute too! :D

Hee! Dumbledore (assuming nobody else could be a wizard with purple robes and a long grey beard) looks more threatening than the Dementors. And aw, I want the castle!

I know! It's so cool! *plays with it*

For a second I thought you meant dumbledore and my mind went WAAAAH and shut down :(

*weeps* *goes to cheer self up with UAGP*

(Deleted comment)
We're all a bunch of little kids. :P

Oh! It must have been a bad falafel! :(

Damn, remember back in the day when you actually had to build what came out of the lego box? That thing's practically one solid piece......but I still want it, of course ;P

Maybe they're catering to idiots people like me, who could only ever 'build' the same ugly little 'car,' over and over. ;)

But building a slightly deformed and many-coloured structure is all part of the fun ;D

Yeah, lots more customized parts now. I guess they had to adapt to shorter attention spans? :P

I guess so. You'd think kids' toys would get cooler as time passed but for the most part they all seem pretty lame compared to the stuff I played with when I was a kid...I might just be a little biased of course ;)

I don't know why, but I liked building lego walls. Everyone around me would be making cars and spaceships and houses... and I'd be building that same two-block wide wall.

Haha! I did the same thing. For some reason it entertained me to just stack as many lego bricks as possible on one of those little green pads.

*smish* You're so cute. :)

*eats your food*

Ahhhh LEGO!

At least you saw the movies. I haven't even done that, but I kind of want that castle.

omg that is a cutelittlecuddly dementor! I shall have to send one to my brother....

...and great just give me something else to worry about *glances nervously to the sky* no pianos yet at least...

Just stay indoors, dear.

Hey, did you notice that you're the family dog in Robyn's LJ family meme?

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