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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ficcage stuff

I started If Gravity Let Go with some really bad dialogue, thinking that it would be awful enough that people would realize that I was doing it on purpose or just being funny, but I got feedback from someone who sounded like she was boggled (in a bad way) by it, and then it hit me--there are people on HD who regularly write fic that is as bad as that dialogue, but all the time. Eek.

Pimpage time! *swings cane* It's uhh, Joan of Arcadia fic. *coughs* Does anyone besides Frala watch that? Anyway, it's Joan/Adam, posted to arcadian_tales: In His Mind.

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I watch Joan of Arcadia. I'm love The Joan.

Yay! I would call it my guilty pleasure except that I don't feel guilty. :P

I don't think it's a show that one should feel guilty about.

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