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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tammy news!

Black grapes + fresh raspberries + Yobaby banana yogurt = yum

I just watched Holes, which is a cool kids movie about... umm... kids digging holes in Texas? And destiny and bloodlines. :)

I heard from tamiflu!!! I sent a one-liner telling her about something that had happened and she replied with an essay about Swedish dairy products and fruit. She sounds really happy and excited and having a good time and eating ice cream and Swedish pancakes and berries and enjoying Sweden. :D

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eeeeeeeeeee yay for tammy and berries adn sweeeeeeden

hee. swedish pancakes.

I loved the book. The movie was okay, but not as good :)

Awww. I miss my Tammyslut. I'm glad she's having so much fun. [pulls her hair] I wish I was there!!! <3

Yay for Tammy! And berries! and Sweeeeeeedish!!! :)))

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