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Mmm, Czechs...

We picked up another Czech this year! Not the Czechs I wanted *grin* but we really didn't have a chance of getting them without trading up more. Our boy has the most hair--he looks so goofy. :) He's probably going to stick like glue to Michalek cos' Czechs are cliquey bastards.

Havelid traded away. Bah. Fucking Ducks. Go ahead and trade away Prospal and Sykora too. (Only don't because then they probably wouldn't be in my division and I wouldn't see them all the time and if they were separated then they wouldn't maul each other after goals and roll around on the ice together and bump helmets lovingly.)

I fucking hate that people think that just because you're using a computer, you're not really doing something and they feel free to just come and interrupt you and talk to you for a long time. Like they would never do that if you were on the phone. Or possibly even watching TV. Seriously. It's annoying enough if I'm in the middle of reading something, worse if I'm in the middle of an AIM conversation, and if I'm playing a game it makes me boil over with rage!!!

I need a nap. :P

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