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Too windy for porn

It amuses me that the title of a fic series involving Spezza is "Special Love". Bwahaha! It would be even better if he was paired with Whore (instead it's Hossa).

There was a street festival outside my place yesterday and I wandered around. It took up all of Washington Square Park, a few blocks along Grant, Stockton and Union. I saw some neat stuff, likefun dangly earrings, yummy soap and candles (my weakness!) and interesting gourmet jam, like white zinfandel which was a very pretty light pink. Ouch, $6 per smallish jar.

There was also a guy playing a celtic harp and selling CDs of his recordings. Ooh, found him! His name is Aryeh Frankfurter. Anyway, he had a big sign with a FAQ on it and one of the questions was, "Can you play the theme song from Titanic?" And his answer was, "I can, but I choose not to" which cracked me up.

Later, I walked up to Coit Tower. There's an amazing view from up there, even at the base of the tower. You can see both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, and all of Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island, Alcatraz, the Marin Headlands from there.

I went up there to write porn, but it was too cold and windy, so I went back down after a while. :( Bah.

My Best Friend is frala
Our 22 common interests are: alyn mccauley, boyd devereaux, brendan morrison, brett hull, darcy tucker, hockey slash, jason arnott, jason spezza, jean-sebastien giguere, markus naslund, mikael renberg, natuzzi, niklas sundstrom, owen nolan, patrick marleau, paul kariya, petr sykora, scott thornton, todd bertuzzi, toronto maple leafs, vancouver canucks, wall to wall smut
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I have the feeling that she's a lot of people's best friend. Man, what a slut.

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