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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Lose weight doing absolutely nothing!

I haven't been going to the gym the past week because I had a sore throat/earache and my doctor scared me when I was young about how if you exercise hard the virus gets through your bloodstream to your heart and attacks your heart muscles and you die. Or something to that effect. :P

I went to weigh myself in the locker room - I have a scale at home but it was like $5 from IKEA and is wildly inaccurate, although flattering - and got a bit of a surprise. See...

(starting 3 weeks)
MAE: *works out 3 times a week, lifting weights and doing cardiovascular exercise*
MAE: *gains one pound*

(past week)
MAE: *sits on ass watching TV*
MAE: *loses three pounds*

Not only that, I was stronger, or at least felt the same when I did my resistance training, and the cardiovascular exercise was noticeably easier. (Interval training is really cool for the treadmill--I went for a sustainable pace at 3 mins, fast for 1 min, slowish for 1 min, and repeated the sequence, so cardio wasn't boring and I could go longer overall)

I have no idea why this would be. Maybe the fitness fairy paid me a visit one night. Maybe my muscles needed the extra time to heal? Or maybe I should just sit on my ass and watch TV. *ponders* I know my diet was the same, so that's a constant. Maybe it's one of those "women's cycle" things that affects like, water retention or whatever. :P

I also read in Shape magazine that it's tough for women to gain muscle. Adding just one pound of muscle would take some really intensive working out. So I guess my whole "gaining muscle is responsible for my weight gain" thing was wrong.

They were giving out free samples of C2, the new Coke drink, at Safeway today so I tried some. It's still got the Nutrasweet aftertaste going. Yuck. I wonder why the hell they would use three different types of artificial sweeteners in it. (Nutrasweet, Splenda and, uhh... saccharine is the third?) Doesn't that guarantee the greatest number of people who would dismiss it on the basis of allergies/taste? The thing I like about it is that it does have sugar in it, so it tastes more balanced. If it was just half Splenda half sugar then I'd always get it instead of Coke.

Like the Jamba Juice "enlightened" smoothies. I've just had the Mango Mantra flavour, but I like it a lot. The dairy base component has Splenda in it, but there's also natural sugar from the orange juice in it. Tastes really good and not too sweet, like most of their regular flavours.

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My take on it, as a Kinesiology major...

When you work out, you break down your muscles. In order for those to heal, they need water, and nutrients, which is carried in your blood. I don't know how long you have been working out for, but fi you recently started, chances are your muscles are constantly rebuilding while working out, the one day in between (im assuming Mon Wed Fri workouts) for your muscles to start to heal. Also, you are not able to fully recover your strength and all that jazz with only one day in between. NOT that this is a bad thing, because it makes your muscles and heart keep working harder than it is used to, therefore getting stronger.

Giving your body a rest also rested those muscles, and let them completely heal. I would imagine the loss of weight this past week is due to the excess water and blood leaving your muscles. Also, I'm assuming you drink water or some sport drink while working out, so part of the three pounds is the water weight you did not have this past week from drinking at the gym.

Just a little side comment, on my take on the whole scale thing. Measure yourself, thighs, waist, arms, bust if you want to. What the scale says really does not mean anything. Because yes, it is harder for MOST women to gain muscle than men, that doesn't mean it is impossible, and muscle does weigh more than fat. SO, what the scale says can be disheartening and misleading. Forget those numbers and go by how you look, how your clothes fit, and how you feel. If you insist on weighing yourself, use it only as a guidline, not as the be all and end all.

I'll put the disclaimer here...I'm not a licensed anythiung, I only know from my classes..yadda yadda...take this information as advice only, and as my personal opinion.

That being said, hope it helps!!

Yeah, before when I was doing workouts that just focused on a couple muscle groups for that session (biceps + triceps, shoulders + legs, chest + back) I would be noticeably stronger the next session. Definitely different doing it this way, working all muscle groups every time.

Water weight seems a very plausible explanation.

I took measurements a couple of weeks ago, but my magazine said it's probably a good idea to take them every month or so, as there isn't usually a significant change, just cos' the gradations are pretty big.

Thanks very much for your detailed reply!!! :D

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