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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Where is the hot Scottish Quidditch boy???

I was pondering this as I walked out of the theatre after having (finally) watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Did they decide that his hotness was too distracting for the movie and yank him from it? *sighs forlornly*

That being said, I loved it. It's my favourite of all three movies. I appreciated the first two movies because they were able to bring this fantasy, alternate world to life, which is a difficult thing to do. The Lord of the Rings movies did it as well, but I can't really think of any movie in the past ten years that's done that. (Probably because I can't remember it.) What was I saying? Oh yeah, but I didn't fully appreciate them because I never felt that there was anything at stake. I felt that the kids were always safe, no matter what they were facing. Not saying that it's a fault in the story/movie, in fact I think it's appropriate, but just that it's something that didn't appeal to me personally.

That all changed with this movie. It wasn't blood, gore, death, destruction, (people getting shot in the head *distracted*) but there was definitely the feeling that important things were at stake and nothing was neat and tidy whee let's go play Quidditch now.

Also, almightychrissy, OMG the UABP! Like, it didn't match the porniness of hobbits romping on Frodo's bed, but it was definitely there.

I want spinal column candles too! I'll bet they make them. Okay, see I just Googled for them, and the top hits were HP porn fic. I went to Froogle instead, and the first hit was for a book Male Multiple Orgasm: Step-by-Step

I think the only thing I didn't like about the movie was how one-dimensional Draco was. I may be remembering wrong, but I didn't think that previously he was quite so my-only-purpose-in-life-is-to-make-Harry-miserable-*shrieks*-a-little-girl-is-pointing-her-wand-at-me-*snivel*. I'm more a fan of internal motives making people behave badly.

I'm reading In a Father's Place by Christopher Tilghman, and while there are some very cool descriptions - he describes a cattle slaughterer's fingernails as "ten crescents of decay" - I'm just not very moved by the stories as a whole. Maybe I'm just not mature enough to identify with the people and situations, or maybe there's some symbolism or significance I'm missing, but I finish reading, and I don't have any lasting impression of the stories.

Whee! I just got a flat panel monitor at work because it doesn't work for anyone else who could use it. :P It's running at 1600x1024, which is a little bit of a strain for the creaky old GeForce DDR in this machine, but it's an improvement over the 17" CRT I had before.

I watched 5ive Days to Midnight last night. It's this Sci-Fi miniseries that's so bad, but I enjoyed it anyway. :P First of all, "5ive" for "five" is already idiotic. It was stupid for "7even" and that was a good movie. Next, there are so many holes in the plot that Dubya could have appeared and come across as intelligent and genuinely concerned, and I wouldn't have thought it out of place.

But the concept is interesting. A briefcase (made of some new-fangled material based on carbon nanotube technology) appears out of nowhere on the grass by your wife's grave. You open it and it's a 50-year-old case file for a homicide--yours. So you go through the evidence and random events detailed in the newspaper clippings come true, leading you to believe that it's the genuine article.

So of course you try to solve your own murder, but some things start to worry you. According to the science, if you don't die, there could be serious ramifications, including possibly the End of the Universe.

I've seen these ideas before, particularly in D.O.A. where a professor is poisoned and has 24 hours to figure out who killed/kills him before he dies. The idea about fate/destiny that you can't cheat death shows up in Final Destination.

Now to figure out how to rip it off for a fic. Oh wait, I kinda' already have. :P

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Write it... and then work in a bit about two ppl locked inside a closet... and then one of them getting raped while in the closet by a 3rd person that was there, but isn't there anymore (because he changed time by not doing something) so it's really more of a phantom rape, but we KNOW what really happened.

And then that will give an excuse for the person who got raped not to remember and suddenly he'll remember and it and then there'll be a lot of angst, then it will be resolved with lots of sex and everything will go back to normal.

Also, almightychrissy, OMG the UABP! Like, it didn't match the porniness of hobbits romping on Frodo's bed, but it was definitely there

I know I know I know!!!!

Oh, ok, so because you're the only person who would get the reference, when Trelawny was reading Harry's....coffeegrounds, or whatever it was that she did first, I knew she was gonna see a death omen so the only thing I could think of was the fortune teller in Curse of Monkey Island screaming "AH! DEATH!!!"

Bwahahaha!!! OMG dude, that's perfect!!! And it was so cool to see Emma Thompson in that role cos' I've never seen her do anything vaguely comedyish.

Me either, and I think she was great as Trelawny.

OMG!!! And it was his last year? So that means he'll never appear in one again??? *cries*

Mwahaha, I loved the UABP *cackles* And the lack of Scottish pretteh was just evil and wrong.

Yes! The lack of Oilver was distressing to me. I was quite upset they removed him, because really, this is like, his last movie! And he was supposed to win the Quidditch Cup in it, and cry happily! :(

I understand why they did it, though. There was already a lot in the movie, so something had to go.

But hot Scottish Quidditch boy! *sniffle*

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