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Mmm... painkillers

I am currently appreciating modern medicine greatly.

MAE (half an hour ago): *swallow* Ow! *swallow* Ow! *swallow* Ow! Damn earache.
MAE (now): *pain-free*

I got sunburned on the back of my legs while sprawled in the park yesterday. I've never been sunburned on my legs. I feel so ashamed. However, the sunburn is totally gone now and my legs will be brown for the next 6 months. Note to self: buy sunscreen.

It's discouraging to gain weight after starting a workout program. Like I understand the reason it happened is that I put on a bunch of muscle, but it's still discouraging. :P My problem is I've never been able to stick with exercise long enough to lose the weight I've gained since coming to the US.

joolzie and early_afternoon have eloped. They'll be back from their honeymoon on Sunday.

I've actually been following the NBA finals. Basketball is a fun sport to watch because it keeps moving. It's the only team sport that I could stand watching (before I knew about the existence of hockey). I have a very short attention span. Hamilton's mask is very scary. A sport full of Charas is also scary. Thanks, I'll stick to hockey. :)

I've also been watching Arrested Development in reruns. It's hilarious! One of the few comedies that actually makes me laugh.

Picture this scenario: husband accidentally takes brother-in-law's suggestion that he try to become a pirate (as a career) seriously, goes through wife's wardrobe and assembles pirate attire, heads out of hotel and mistakes group of flamboyantly dressed gay men for pirates and joins them. Gay men head out on a boat, where they stage a protest against the yacht club. Wife, who is on a yacht for her father's retirement party, spies boat of gay men and remarks, "I have a blouse just like that!" Her mother says, "He wears it better."

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