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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

Mmm... painkillers

I am currently appreciating modern medicine greatly.

MAE (half an hour ago): *swallow* Ow! *swallow* Ow! *swallow* Ow! Damn earache.
MAE (now): *pain-free*

I got sunburned on the back of my legs while sprawled in the park yesterday. I've never been sunburned on my legs. I feel so ashamed. However, the sunburn is totally gone now and my legs will be brown for the next 6 months. Note to self: buy sunscreen.

It's discouraging to gain weight after starting a workout program. Like I understand the reason it happened is that I put on a bunch of muscle, but it's still discouraging. :P My problem is I've never been able to stick with exercise long enough to lose the weight I've gained since coming to the US.

joolzie and early_afternoon have eloped. They'll be back from their honeymoon on Sunday.

I've actually been following the NBA finals. Basketball is a fun sport to watch because it keeps moving. It's the only team sport that I could stand watching (before I knew about the existence of hockey). I have a very short attention span. Hamilton's mask is very scary. A sport full of Charas is also scary. Thanks, I'll stick to hockey. :)

I've also been watching Arrested Development in reruns. It's hilarious! One of the few comedies that actually makes me laugh.

Picture this scenario: husband accidentally takes brother-in-law's suggestion that he try to become a pirate (as a career) seriously, goes through wife's wardrobe and assembles pirate attire, heads out of hotel and mistakes group of flamboyantly dressed gay men for pirates and joins them. Gay men head out on a boat, where they stage a protest against the yacht club. Wife, who is on a yacht for her father's retirement party, spies boat of gay men and remarks, "I have a blouse just like that!" Her mother says, "He wears it better."

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A sport full of Charas is also scary.

OMG. I must be tired, because I read that as "A spoonful of Charas" :( I was momentarily horrifed. "A spoonful of Chara's WHAT??"

Yikes! A spoonful of Charas???

*runs and hides under the covers*

Either way is still a scary proposition, but I think the horror quotient of a spoonful of Charas greatly outweighs the horror quotient of a sport full of Charas. :)

*weeps* it does :( I'm going to have to go to bed early from now on to avoid misreading things like that!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, it's much better today already! :)

Eee! Sam and Max! Cancelled. *weeps*

I was a big fan of the NBA 10, 12 years ago. I can't stand it now, but if you asked me to pinpoint why I couldn't tell you. :/ Maybe I gradually came to enjoy the college game so much more than the pro game (though this year's March Madness didn't seem all that exciting).

And Arrested Development! I LOVE that show. :D I'm so glad it got picked up for another season.

That's what people say about football as well. Something about the emotion and pride being there more because it's for school.

Yeah, me too! There are a few laugh out loud moments in every episode. :)

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