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Water pistol shot gangster style!

I totally thought this was an Onion headline when I saw it in the list of top stories, and... it wasn't:
7 Arrested in School Cafeteria Food Fight

I've been watching Touching Evil recently and I really like it. In some ways it's just another cop show, but it's got a lot of nice little elements that come together well. The lead character was shot in the head, recovered, but ended up... changed.

The music is really awesome, especially the theme song. It's set in San Francisco; lots of gratuitous shots of the fog racing through the Golden Gate Bridge at breakneck speed (even though the show is obviously shot in Canada).

Alyn looked so handsome at the NHL Awards. :) Ron slashed Brad Richards with Midgy and someone else (who?), declaring that they all wanted to go to bed or something, and Draper openly proclaimed his love for Maltby, thus making it a night for the slashers.

I dislike how awards seem to reward players for past achievements. Brodeur got the Vezina for past achievements, rather than what he did last season, I think. I would have picked Luongo myself. Ah well, Luongo's miffed expression was entertaining. :)

I was kept up to late, first by tamiflu, who destroyed the world, and then by kennedyluff. *hides from greatkate* It's nice to know that my skills are appreciated.

As I was writing this post, I accidentally held down the power button on my computer for 7 seconds, shutting it down. I thought I'd lost the post, then when it was still there, I thought I'd set Semagic to auto-save. But it doesn't, so in fact, I'd unconsciously saved the post at some point. I think the reflex is in me from use of Microsoft Word, which is wont to crap out inexplicably. Piece of shit. Wordpad gets my love.
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