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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Frala update!

I just talked to ajaroo (AJ, Frala's sister) and Frala will be back late Friday! *cheers* She was actually going to come online on Sunday but the internet wasn't set up yet. She misses everyone terribly. Also, she's taking a midterm today, so send good thoughts! :)

This "bikini body" exercise plan I'm doing from fitness magazine is kicking my ass. The week 5-6 set of exercises anyway. I think I'm going to take an extra day off between resistance training to let my muscles heal up. :P That means just cardio today. *shrieks* It will be nice when the North Beach pool is finished with renovations, because swimming for an hour? Love doing it so no problem at all for me. :)

I'm flipping through the THN Yearbook for 2003-04, and reading the section on the Sharks. The summary of the season forecast reads:
San Jose goes into this season with a weaker roster than the one that tanked a year ago. Improvement will be minimal.
PREDICTION 14th in West

The one for the Flames is funny:
If Jarome Iginla bounces back and Jupiter aligns with Mars, Calgary has an outside shot at a playoff spot.
PREDICTION 12th in West

You win some, you lose some--the analysis for the Bolts was pretty good:
If they can add some quality on defense, stay healthy and get consistency in goal, the Lightning will again be a threat.
PREDICTION 5th in East

Sydor definitely qualifies as "quality on defense", boy did they ever stay healthy, and I don't think the Bolts have ever had goaltender issues IMO.

My roommate came home last night after the game ended, and I had the TV on ESPN News. We watched Darryl's interview together. At the end of it, she said, "He seems really genuinely sad that his team didn't win. It doesn't seem to be the money at all. It's very refreshing to see in a major league sport."

And that thought never really occurs to me. I take it for granted that the desire to win is the major motivation for every NHL player, and that is why they play the game. I mean, certainly you have players who hold out, but in most cases that's because they feel they aren't being fairly compensated with respect to other players of the same calibre (obviously that is up for debate :P)

And you have players who leave for teams as free agents, but they don't go to crap teams just for the sake of money. Some might point at the Rangers and go *cough* *cough* at this point, but I think that the free agents they sign looked at the talent on the roster and thought that they would make a difference, that the team would finally pull together and succeed.

There is just so much love of the game from the players. It comes through in the play. There is so much emotion. Team chemistry is such a huge element, and it makes talent-laden teams fail, and talent, uhh, talent-challenged (heh) teams succeed.

And that's why I watch and love hockey.

(Also, it's fun to watch the hockey boys skating around real fast and doing nifty stickhandling thingies.)

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(Deleted comment)
To be fair, it's so hard to predict at the start of the season, because literally anything could happen, especially changes to key personnel, whether through injuries to star players, coaching changes, etc.

Yay for Frala coming baaaaack.

And good for you for keeping up this exercise thingy. *applauds* *gives you no-calorie-but-all-the-taste chocolate cake*

She's going to be mobbed when she returns. :)

Thanks! It's been a little over 2 weeks, let's see if I can stick with it!

Haha. She really is.

You can stick with it. *has faith*

My "cookie body" exercise plan is coming along quite nicely.

If it was all about the game, all about the competition, I don't think we'd be talking about 7 million dollar contracts. I just... it breaks my heart when I see guys unwilling to help out their team and push money around. Just, I.. those are you boys. Those are your family. Darryl just exemplifies that.

It's really nice, because in the post season all that seems to melt away, you know? It's no longer about money, and you throw everything into it and it's why it's so much better. :)

Well, it's a scale. If it's truly all about the game and competition, then all hockey players would be paid zero dollars.

Between two teams that are more or less equivalent in desirability for them to play, then obviously they're going to choose the team that pays more.

But if it's a choice between $9 million to go to a crappy ass team and $5 million to go to a good team? They'll choose the good team.

awww, thank you for the frala update :)

(Also, it's fun to watch the hockey boys skating around real fast and doing nifty stickhandling thingies.)

Nifty stickhandling thingies are the best kind of thingies.

(Also, it's fun to watch the hockey boys skating around real fast and doing nifty stickhandling thingies.)

Yes, it's great fun!

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