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The day of horror continues...

For those of you from Michigan who are wondering what Rebecca's post is referring to, I feel morally obliged to give a warning, just in case the sheer horror of the billboard suddenly coming into view causes a massive pile up.

As personally witnessed by joolzie:
there was a huge billboard on the side of the freeway for some MRI center or something and it said "It doesn't get any bigger than this" (I think, it definitely had "bigger" in it) and there was a picture (with identification!) of Hatcher lounging. :(

If I had a camera I would have taken a picture! It was really upsetting.

You can tell the Michigan people that it's on I-75 south, around Jocelyn road. :P

So there you go! Think of it as a real life game of Pokemon Snap. You know, the one where you go around taking photographs of monsters. :P

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