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Stupid realism

So in an attempt to ease into the world of tactical first person shooters, I am playing the Sum of all Fears.

The part of the game I enjoy most is shooting terrorists in the head, although throwing flashbang grenades into rooms with hostages and friendly units is pretty funny. All they do is stun/blind, so it's okay to use 'em. Heh, heh.

The part of the game I enjoy least is getting shot in the head and dying instantly. I understand this makes it realistic, and realism is pretty important in a tactical FPS, but at the same time, I don't think that in real life squad members cheer out loud when a terrorist gets pegged.

Nabby is going to play for Russia at the World Cup! Which I knew but never wrote in my LJ. I think. My memory doesn't really go back further than a day. Or fifteen minutes. Think of me as Dorie from Finding Nemo.

He had this to say: "It is pretty exciting," said Nabokov. "It is something I want to do."

In my head, I hear him saying it in a really sarcastic manner. And sulking. *sigh* I love him.
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