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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sweet Dreams

Well, I woke up to the sound of pounding hammers and construction workers screaming at each other in Cantonese, and that's always pleasant.

But I was in a good mood (mostly) when I woke up, thanks to my dreams. A lot of weird crap happened as usual, but one part stands out.

Tammy and I were hanging around together with copious amounts of chocolate. Umm, wait, that's somebody else's dream. Okay, no chocolate. But Tammy and me, in bikinis at the swimming pool, lying in pool chairs, soaking up some rays.

I'm on Tammy's left and to Tammy's right, lies, umm, MarkusNaslundinaSpeedo.

So you would think that we would be jumping him or something, but no ... he's like, not exciting at all, because ... his kids are splashing around in the swimming pool and he's giving proud dad expression which is very cute and all but definitely the opposite of erotic.


So Tammy and I went to buy some chocolate and you know the rest of the story.

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Speedo!markus *dies*

awww no erotic but dude I bet he was sosweet!! daddy!markus makes me all melty


He was really cute and smiley! *pats him* *punts kids*

Awwwwww *hugs him*


daddy!Markus... good!

speedo-clad!Markus... can't it be a nice pair of hawaiian trunks?

Teehee... though poolside dreams with him can never be a bad thing, no matter what the context. Right?

I think Speedo because that's the normal thing for me to see guys in at the pool. Well, was typical for 19 years. ;)

And true, Markus is always better than no Markus. *giggle*

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