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Goodbye, CS

Goodbye, CS

CS signed with Lulea for 3 years. Back to Emmy. *bittersweet sniffle*


I bought the Miracle DVD on Monday even though I'd never watched it. I figured that enough people had said that it was good that I would like it, and that it would be the kind of thing I'd like to keep. :)

Anyway, I popped the DVD in to check that it was working, and promptly watched the whole movie. :P Afterwards, I googled Jim Craig to find out what had happened to him and it dug up an interview with him about the movie on, and that made me think, "Romantic?" There were like... no women in the movie. Okay, there was Herb's wife, but they were married, so it doesn't count as romance.

Mountaineer slash

I was reading the May issue of National Geographic and there was a story about Reinhold Messner, an accomplished mountaineer, and as I read it, I realized that it would make an amazing slash fic. :P

  • As a teenager, Reinhold goes climbing with his dad. His dad can't keep up because it gets to difficult and yells up at him to rappel off. Instead Reinhold says he'll climb solo to the top and unties and drops the rope.

  • He found his younger brother Gunther cowering in a dog kennel at home one day because his father had beaten him with a dog whip so badly he couldn't walk. On that day we not only became friends," Messner writes, "Gunther also became my climbing partner, and soon he was climbing just as well as I was."

  • In 1970 the brothers were on an expedition to climb Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. They received incorrect information that the weather was turning bad, so just Reinhold went ahead to the summit because he was the fastest team member. His brother was supposed to set up ropes for his descent, but they were a tangled mess, so he dropped them and impulsively followed his brother. Reinhold was annoyed at first because he wanted to reach the top solo, but then he changed his mind. Instead, he thought, "We would carry on together. We belonged together and we would soon be on the summit."

  • It was late and Gunther had exhausted himself catching up to Reinhold and neither man had ropes so they took an alternate, easier route for their descent. They had to spend the night in a snow hollow with strong winds and temperatures that went down to -40 F. Their toes froze solid and they both started to become delirious, experiencing hallucinations.

  • Reinhold managed to make it down the glacier, but lost sight of his brother, who never caught up with him. He went back to look for him and instead only found evidence of an avalanche.

  • He had to have seven toes and the tips of several fingers amputated as a result of the ordeal, and spent a month in an Innsbruck hospital. Max von Kienlin, Messner's best friend on the expedition, moved into the next bed to watch over his comrade.

  • Max invited him to live at his ancestral castle in Germany, where Messner and Max's wife fell in love. She abandoned her family for him.

  • Thirty years later, Reinhold wrote a book about the expedition. Max and the other members of the expedition came out and accused Reinhold of having abandoned his brother at the peak to find his own way down.

So we have brotherly love, child abuse, a guy hitting on him even though he's got only three toes left, stealing that guy's wife out of spite, and damning allegations. Made for fic!

Pork Store Cafe

I went to the Haight today to go pig out (har, har) at the Pork Store Cafe, which is this really great breakfast place on Haight at Ashbury. I had corned beef hash with green onions and cheese, two eggs over easy, hash browns, two biscuits and a large orange juice. Yum yum yum. This girl came in and ordered fruit and granola. I was like... offended. How can you go into an awesome breakfast place like that and order granola??? Like I can understand being freakish and misguidedly health conscious, but please don't go there and do it. :P

I walked along Haight and there are so many able-bodied homeless people there. At least they're the friendly kind, though, the ones who say "God bless you" when you don't give them money. A lot of the stores there buy and sell used clothing, and one of them buys and sells used CDs and DVDs. It's a good idea, but the stuff just isn't organized well enough for it to be worth the time to browse and find something you like, especially if you're like me, someone who hates shopping.

Fitness kick

Inspired by Fitness and Shape magazines, I've gone on a fitness kick! They have pretty good general health articles, and in every issue there's a 4-week exercise program, which I find the most useful thing. They also have lots of weight loss success stories, and while I find them interesting, they don't help me at all because 1) I'm not overweight, 2) they work out a hell of a lot and most importantly, 3) they eat crap.

I mean ick. How can they possibly survive on what they eat? Unless they eat a lot of it? Yucky cereals for breakfast, apparently no sauces of any kind with their meals, or potatoes, or red meat. Just turkey/chicken (skinless breast of course), brown rice, tofu, steamed vegetables, yoghurt, etc. Eww! And it's not as if they really enjoy that food too because they talk about how they're struggling to control their cravings for ice cream and beef stroganoff or whatever it is and it's like you're missing out on one of the pleasures of life by not eating good food!

I dunno, I come from a country where eating is the national pasttime (seriously) so for me, food is something to be enjoyed.

iShape has what seems to be a very crude body fat calculator thing. Enter your info under the "Sign up now..." section; don't worry you don't have to actually sign up to get to the body fat test thing. In the personal information section, there's a "Body Fat Calculator" button.

It seems kinda' sketchy though because the result it gave me is much lower than the result I got from a gym, where they took caliper measurements and stuff.

New girlcrush!

Speaking of Shape, I have a new girlcrush and it's Petra Nemcova . (She's the cover girl for the June issue.) Surprise, surprise, she's Czech. :P I also really like Daniela Pestova, as far as the Czechs go. Umm, and of course Petr Sykora, although I'm not quite sure how he would look in a thong and seashell necklaces.

Sex can be social too?
A Stanford biologist has written an interesting book about... well I can't come up with a summary, so I just copied and pasted a couple of paragraphs and you can check it out. My favourite phrase in the article is "lesbian lizards".

From: On the Originality of Species

Published this May by UC Press, Evolution’s Rainbow calls for the “outright abandonment of Darwin’s sexual selection theory” and posits a new theory of “social selection” to take its place. Where Darwin saw competition as the essential reproductive strategy, Roughgarden sees cooperation as the key. Her basic tenet is that animal species “interact socially to acquire opportunities for reproduction.” Sex can be social as well as reproductive, she argues. Genders can be multiple and changeable—partly because animals must cooperate not only to reproduce, but also to keep offspring alive. And animals choose between same-sex and between-sex partners to improve their own net reproductive success.


Roughgarden asserts that Darwin’s theory doesn’t cover the gender-bending and sex-switching behaviors that have been discovered since the 1970s in fish, bird and mammal societies. The “final torpedo,” she believes, is the mounting evidence of homosexual behavior in perhaps 300 species of animals. “According to Darwin, homosexuality is anomalous,” she explains, because “a homosexual mating can’t produce offspring. But if the only function of sex were reproductive, it’d be a very, very inefficient process. A [ratio of a] thousand or so copulations per conception is typical. Genetic traits are just not that inefficient in nature. There’s got to be another purpose for sex.”


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