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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Calling all satanic priests

So I walk past Saints Peter and Paul Rectory (hee, that's a funny word) on the way home sometimes. Now, the interesting thing about this place is that its address is 666 Filbert. For real.

I fucking hate cardio. It bores me to death. And it's hard. Even if I'm reading while I'm on the stationary bike, it's like... too hard. Even when I'm running at the semi-glacial pace of 5.5 miles/hr, it's like... too hard. :(

The elliptical trainer is easy, but I can't read while I'm using it or I get a little motion sick. And although it's really conducive to thinking about the boy on boy action, there's only so much boy on boy action I can think of to keep me occupied for 15 minutes.

Wouldn't it be useful if people walked around with informative badges that listed their single/married status, and if they were single, whether they were looking or not, and what they were looking for?

I say this because I would like one that says "Not Fucking Interested (unless you're a hot hockey boy under 25)".

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Dude, that's just the upper bound. :)

*g* So with you. *L* But since I am 25 I guess I'd have to put 30 in there.

That's funny, because I'm 29. ;)

i hate working out. its good for you and personally it feels good after, but the getting there and doing it is way too hard!

Not even for drunk Avs fans? *ducks*

Eww!!! Like Avs fans wasn't bad enough. ;)

*eats your dante icon* There's a DMC3 coming out. It's a prequel. He's younger and fights shirtless. @_x

I read the preview for it and apparently being younger means that he will be more of a smartass. *grin*

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