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Touch my grips

Touch my grips... climb on me...

No, that's not a line from gay porn, it's what keeps flashing in my line of sight from the climbing machine the row directly in front of the elliptical trainers I use at the gym. It's so weird. I mean, I've never been propositioned by an exercise machine before.

But still, better than getting hit on. I hate getting hit on. It's one of the things I hate most ever. Because only weirdoes ever hit on me. It's because I smile and I look cheerful and nice and I'm not rude to people, but don't like fucking take advantage of the fact that I'm being polite to harrass me. Bah.

And I'm not being ungrateful and like I don't think I should be, "Ooh, I'm flattered!" because it's not like these people hit on me because I'm good-looking. They hit on me because I seem harmless and nice and sweet and all these things that I'm not.

So uhh yeah, I was hit on at the gym today. :(

I watched Super Size Me! Great movie that should be compulsory viewing for everyone. I'm even more motivated to exercise now. :P It's amazing how much damage the McDonald's diet did to that guy in just one month. *shudder*

Sorry, I'm late on the remix challenge because Alex's site is down and I think she's grounded right now so she hasn't emailed her fic to me and delving through the dusty HD archives takes a bunch of time. I do have an idea though so I should have it done tomorrow? *puppy dog eyes at Robyn*

Fic Writing Meme, stolen from almightychrissy

1. Do you write your fics sequentially, or do you often find that you are writing the end first, and coming back to write a beginning later?
Sequentially, but I usually have a very clear idea of what the ending will be.

2. Do you like to write one story to completion before beginning another, or do you have several stories in progress at any given time?
I would like to write them one at a time, but unfortunately I have several in progress at the same time right now.

3. What do you do to get past writer's block?
I don't get writer's block. I have times when I don't feel like writing, but I've never had the situation where I was like, "Okay. Write. Now." and not been able to do it.

4. What inspires you for your fics?
Aspects of books, movies, television shows that really stayed in my mind.

Like the idea of a simple mistake causing two people to hate each other for the rest of their lives in Immortal Beloved.

Like the idea in Dead Zone where the woman sleeps with the guy years later because she would have the night they were in the car accident that caused him to go into a coma, so that she'd kinda' set things right.

The moment in Garfield's Nine Lives when he's about to open the equivalent of Pandora's Box and he almost almost almost does it, but doesn't at the last moment.

5. What absolutely kills your ability to write?

I don't know. Sometimes it just happens and I turn into this feeble-minded thing that can't write anything good. Although I could write crap. :P

6. Do you plan your fics from beginning to end, or do you allow for some independent growth? If you do, how do you deal with any changes that arise in your story as you write it? If you don't, how do you bring the story to the conclusion you want?

I try to plan but sometimes things change. Once I finished a sentence and I'd killed one of the characters and I hadn't meant to do that. I went with it. Somehow, if the conclusion made sense and was true, the little twists and turns on the way there will make sense too. Patty and Marco were never meant to get together in Best of Seven. But it kinda' wrote itself that way.

7. What time of day/place is most conducive to fic writing and idea gathering?

Sadly when I'm doing cardio. And I hate doing cardio. Today I figured out the plot of my remix fic and the next part of Mo!fic while on the treadmill and elliptical trainer.

8. Do you tend to write certain characters, or do you try to push yourself to branch out into new voices? Why?

I write Arkora a lot, and lately I've written dirty Sens but I will write anybody, even players I dislike/hate, and give them a fair representation. In terms of personality, I've tended to write a lot of them like me: klutzy, neurotic, passive/hesitant, fearful. Trying to write different types of personalities, but it's hard because I'm not a confident person, and it's difficult to imagine myself that way. I might have done okay with All American? *shrugs*

9. Do you like to stay within certain limits in you writing (like POV or tenses), or do you like to experiment? What is the most experimental piece of writing that you have done, and was it successful?

I think different POVs are good for different things. I mostly write first person present tense because I tend to write emotional stuff, and I think that POV/tense is the most visceral and best for conveying that kind of thing. Third person past tense I like for describing the dynamics between people without necessarily trying to bias the reader to sympathize with one character over the others. Or if there is a clear protagonist, it gives a less biased narration of how others react to him, I think.

Oubliette is the most experimental thing I wrote because it's gen and it's kinda' sorta' a thriller which could easily come across as completely stupid.

10. What was the most difficult story for you to write, and why?

Ravenous, because it was about me, and it was the very personal, painful stuff which still has a horribly negative effect on my life, blah blah blah.

11. What determines your plots? In other words, do you like to write about issues, or to add them into the plot in some way? Or do you like pure character development? Smut? Or is it random development?

Just whatever I think is interesting enough to keep people's interest. I try to impart enough to personality to all characters so they feel like people, even if it's for smut, because otherwise it's just a Mad Lib, right? Sometimes I have agendas (The Survivor), sometimes lessons learned by the characters (How Many Sunsets)... uhh, I don't know how to answer this question, teacher!

12. What are you doing currently to challenge yourself?

Trying to write a really long fic that I'd kinda' put on the backburner for... okay a long time. Always intended to finish but it's very nice to have Tammy to encourage me. :)
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