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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks vs Predators

Well, we are playing the Predators tomorrow. Sorry, Jenny the Preds Fan, but I hope that we kick your voweled asses.

I would also like to take the opportunity to grossly misconstrue the following paragraph from the Sharks web site.

At home, players have a variety of commitments, but on the road, only each other to have dinner with or see a movie. They rely more on each other during road trips, which can be good.

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OHHHH misconstrue away!!! *gigle*

........ *lol*

Oh btw ... apparently my VCR won't record if the TV is OFF. x_x Meaning I only have have of that Thorty interview but ... *shrug* It's retarded but since that's what it's like with digital cable. o.O

Hmm I have digital cable too and I don't have that problem, but ...

*CRIES* *sniffle* But ... half of Thorty interview is better than none at all. *watches cowboy!Thorty for consolation*

*giggles* Put that together with Nolan and Marleau's strained groins and all I can say is "Couldn't you guys at least wait 'til the roadtrip started?!"

hee hee

Man, this stuff practically writes itself.

Hmm, that just gave me an idea for NaNoWriMe. Write one chapter a day about what happened to the Sharks that day.

Gah! No ... must ... resist ...

No, I like it! Working title: "A Month in the Slash Life of the Sharks."

There are 14 games next month too, so you'd have plenty of info being posted about them during the month. *wicked grin*


*giggle* What should the pairing(s) be? :P

Well I know that while on the road "they're all there for each other" so I think that lends itself to quite the communal sort of mindset, eh?


*dies* 23 is quite a bit more than 6, my previous record, lol.

*peers at Sturm and Marleau*

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