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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Fun with middle names!

Thanks to greatkate for finding the best (i.e. only one I know) resource for finding out NHL players' middle names!

Don't you think Patrick Denis Marleau and Marco Johann Sturm would look lovely on a wedding invitation? How glad are you that you weren't named Scott Scott Hannan? And Shane Albert Doan just spells SAD.

Then of course there's Bill Robert Guerin (Billy Bob!) and Jason William Arnott. That's gotta be a mistake. It's Jason fucking Arnott.

Brad William Stuart sounds kinda' distinguished, while Todd Douglas Ross Harvey sounds like the in-laws settled for a compromise. Evgeni Vitorovich Nabokov and Alexander Ivanovich Korolyuk are very Russian. Owen Liam Nolan is very Irish.

Why do Scott C. Thornton, Alyn D. McCauley and Teemu I. Selanne tease me so? And Jonathan Earl Cheechoo? Har!

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In case you didn't know, Teemu's middle name is Ilmari :)

Ooh! Those crazy Finns. All their middle names are so fantasy-sounding, like Miikka Sakari Kiprusoff.

Hmm, I gotta make characters for an RPG and call them Ilmari and Sakari...

WILLIAM Robert Guerin jr. ;)

Then you Michael Thomas Modano jr, too.

Jason William Arnott sdlakfjlaskd HAHAAH.. yeah I like Jason Fucking Arnott a lot better.

*chants* Billy Bob Guerin! Billy Bob Guerin!

Is it legendsofhockey.net?

It doesn't have everyone's middle names (which kinda sucks), but yes it's very cool. :)

Yup. It's hilarious!

I personally like Daniel Chester Hinote, myself.

Or what the E in Martin E. Reasoner Jr. is.

Chester!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

Dude, Ethan Byron Moreau.

PLEASE ask her to grant myself and Smidgy's most desperate wish by confirming that Todd Bertuzzi's middle name is Alex or some variation thereof! Or... Markus Naslund's middle name is Tag.


Couldn't find those. :( Must be a conspiracy.

Brad William Stuart
william stuart is my g-pas name
ahha funfun

Hee middle names.

I THINK Alyn's middle name is Daniel...he said it on Shark Byte once.

*squeaks* Daniel! Ahh, thanks! I probably saw it and forgot it. :P

Middle names are awesome, especially when you can't even pronouns those.

*memories this* I'll be laughing about this for awhile.

EARL. I second your Har!

Steve Gregory Yzerman. Very monk-like.
Manny Fernandez Legace. OMG. That's like goalie slash, but not! *bj face*
Brett A. Hull. Oh that's just taunting. It would be fun if it was Adam though *eyes Hull&Oates*
Nicklas E. Lidstrom. Yet another tease. I outs-m-r-ted them though, because I happen to know that the V in Sergei V. Fedorov stands for Viktorovich :-P

Derian Marie Hatcher. No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! It doesn't say his :)

Dude, we already know it's Andrew. We spent like.. six months trying to figure this out. *g*

Evgeni Vitorovich Nabokov and Alexander Ivanovich Korolyuk are very Russian.

*snirk* Of *colurse* they're very Russian. And I'm not quite sure if their patronymics count as a 'middle name'. At least, I don't think of them in the same way. :>

Scott Scott Hannan? That's just wrong. :)

I've been wondering--let's say their dad is called "Elvis". Would it then be Elvisovich or something?

I'm hoping Scott Scott Hannan is just a mistake.

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