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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thanks, Drew

Thank you, Drew.

He kinda' writes like he talks. *giggle* I can hear his voice in my head as I read.

Last use of 2bit's icon this season. It's served me well. *polishes it*

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*runs up and hugs you*

You should be so so proud of your boys. They had such an amazing season. If they can make a STARS fan cheer for them, they've most definitely accomplished something. ;)

In all seriousness, I'm sad for you, but at the same time very happy. Your boys went out playing hard and they really had a franchise season, along with some of the best fans I've seen in the league. So despite the loss, I would still say you guys are winners. :)


Thank you so much, Jen. That means so much to me! The tears I've cried have been tears of pride and not tears of sadness or disappointment.

You said it exactly right. They went out giving their all and they accomplished so much when they were expected to do nothing at all. Ahh, I'm crying now. Thank you again. :)


That was a really sweet article. I like the "PAVEs" :)


Yeah, it's a good term, isn't it? :)

that was really loverly :) *smish*

It made me cry tears of pride! *huggles*

::sniffles:: So lovely. I read that when I was at work and I was damn close to crying.

It did actually make me cry. I am so proud of the Sharks. *sniffle*

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