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I miss Marco Sturm

Thanks so much, flanneryflyer, for this!

I miss Marco Sturm. I miss that gigantic, electric smile after he scores a goal. I miss that speed that advertises how much joy skating brings him and how much he loves the game. I reckon the Sharks miss that, too. This team doesn't seem to have a dominant leader, which can be a good thing. Andrew Brunette of the Minnesota Wild told us in this space last year that the democracy of the Wild dressing room made for a loose, harmonious setting. No cliques. High comfort level. San Jose is probably a lot like Minnesota in that regard. But there will come a time when a team needs a personality to ride. I've picked the Sharks the whole way so far. Over the Blues, Avs and Flames. But if they get to the final, I think they would fall short without Sturm. If I put him on my Titleist, I'll think of the childlike joy his game brings him. And that's what I'll need on Thursday.

Joy. Like most folk, I perform better when happy and excited.

From here.
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