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It's almost teal!

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If it had more blue it would be teal! :D (even if it wouldn't, I think it would)

I wore my Sharks jersey to work today. It could be the last time I wear it on a game day for a while. *sniffle*

I went to Game 5 on Monday, and it was really sad but seeing the clips they showed before the game of stuff from the season and playoffs made me cry. *wuss* I think because it made me think about how much the boys have improved since the beginning of the season.

I remember having hope and being pleased because even though we got the one win in the first 10 games (which I don't think I even got to see because it was in Minnesota and wasn't televised?) I could see a difference from last season. There was an effort that hadn't been there before. True, passes weren't connecting and the team looked out of sync and stuff, but there wasn't that pall of despair that hung over last season's Sharks.

But then the losses became ties (lots and lots of ties) and the ties became wins, and we crept up into a playoff spot, and kept creeping up into the division lead, and even crept up into the #2 spot in the west at the end of the season. And the PK that let in it seemed 50% of the (numerous) penalties we took last season was ranked #1 in the league for like a two month period.

Patty became captain and stayed captain. He finally started playing like he's always been able to, but now he wants it, and that makes me so proud. Alyn, Cheech, Niko and so many other boys have had a career year. Korky started hitting, killing penalties and blocking shots. Nabby and Vesa held the fort.

There was the scary stretch when we played Dallas, Vancouver, Colorado and Detroit in a row. We stunk against Dallas and then bounced back to win the next 3 games (the Colorado game without Nabby, Patty or Marco--our #1 goalie, #1 scorer and #2 scorer at the time).

Then Marco hurt his ankle and was out for the season and Nabby sucked... pretty much for almost the rest of the season. But we still won games, which was amazing. And the most amazing of all, *covers Stars fans' eyes* coming back to tie Dallas down 3-0 with 7 minutes left to play.

The best thing, though, was that they tried almost every single game. Even when we lost, the effort was there in all but a handful of games. I think that's the most satisfying thing for me.

So here's hoping that even if we lose tonight, we will play with that effort and go out playing like the team that's been playing all season.

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