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Troll behaviour

Happy birthday, SDQ!!!

Trolling is very interesting. There's been a small number of trolls for the Blues and Avs series on The Feeder, and then a huge number for the Flames series. (Flames fans flaming, har har) Then I read the posts and I realized that there were actually a lot of Avs trolls disguising themselves as Flames trolls. *grin*

And there were like way more Canucks trolls on the Avs board than Sharks trolls during that series--they were trolling on our behalf!

I am so proud of the Sharks right now. *heart swells* And man how big is tomorrow's game now? *clings to Lira* The second period was just such a relief to watch. Just to see the boys playing like they can when they're on. And gah, finally a (real) PPG, Patty scores a goal, great penalty killing. *hops*

So the key seems to be to take the penalties in the first and get the PPs in the second, when we're ready to do something with them. :P I always cringe when we get early PPs cos' it seems to slow the team down, whereas things tend to pick up for us after a (successful) PK. But of course I could just be imagining things.

It was weird to see Patty and Nabby getting all feisty. I've seen Patty fight before so it's not like a complete surprise, but it's kinda' funny how even when he fights and gets scrappy he still looks all calm. Nabby looked evilly calm as he took a shot at Donovan. *grin*

But I'm glad that stuff didn't throw us off our game, which is why incorporating the calm was so important. Sometimes when certain teams *cough* try to play a style that's totally incompatible with their personality, they just fall flat on their faces.

I also like how Nabby tried to separate Iginla and Stuart. As if he hadn't just given a shot to Donovan to start the whole thing off. Heh. (Well, he gave the shot in response to some goalie interference from Donovan, which wasn't called, blah blah blah.)

[Edit: Oops those were two separate incidents. But it is still funny that he was playing peacemaker. :)]

I love Darryl. When asked about Simon and Nieminen being watched closely for penalties, he said the officiating was balanced (i.e. just as bad on both sides :P). He also called Vinnie and Patty "elite power play players". :D And I love Miikkachu. Cheech's wraparound goal was his mistake, but the other three were defensive coverage issues.

Mostly I'm relieved that the series is coming back 2-2 and 3-1 because I don't think we could have come back from 3-1. Not against the Flames.

Yikes, tomorrow... *gulp*

Barry expects Niinimaa to be a big factor for the Flames, thus pulling off the amazing - some might say impossible - feat of being a factor after his team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

It doesn't seem to matter anyway, as Colorado will sweep the series.
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