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Which superstition was it?

Happy birthday, almightychrissy!!! *twirls you around* Umm, sorry, your birthday fic will be late. *sheepish*

So yesterday I wore a Sharks T-shirt and a Sharks jersey *dork* I also didn't watch the game live cos' I had some work to do, and Alex came over for dinner and watched the game with me. More accurately we just laughed hysterically at various players getting mugged with no call because it was like playing NHL2001. :P

So which was responsible for the win? Should I pester Alex to watch Game 4 with me? Maybe it's something about his Russianness.

Speaking of... I have such a gratitude crush on Nabby right now. I'm watching his post-game press conference and he's so snarky and cynical (so Russian) and irritated. I like the way he tried to avoid the question they asked about what he's thinking when he bends over during the national anthem by rambling on about some completely unrelated cliche. Then when the guy persisted he gave him an evil Russian stare.

Nabby is such a pain in the ass. His disdain for the questions was so apparent. *loves* Maybe one day he can be our AlMo!

Barry says that Niko Dimitrakos has scored big points for Tampa Bay. Well motherfucker! Get his ass over here because we need him scoring big points for us!

Lira and I are going to Game 5!!!
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