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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Which superstition was it?

Happy birthday, almightychrissy!!! *twirls you around* Umm, sorry, your birthday fic will be late. *sheepish*

So yesterday I wore a Sharks T-shirt and a Sharks jersey *dork* I also didn't watch the game live cos' I had some work to do, and Alex came over for dinner and watched the game with me. More accurately we just laughed hysterically at various players getting mugged with no call because it was like playing NHL2001. :P

So which was responsible for the win? Should I pester Alex to watch Game 4 with me? Maybe it's something about his Russianness.

Speaking of... I have such a gratitude crush on Nabby right now. I'm watching his post-game press conference and he's so snarky and cynical (so Russian) and irritated. I like the way he tried to avoid the question they asked about what he's thinking when he bends over during the national anthem by rambling on about some completely unrelated cliche. Then when the guy persisted he gave him an evil Russian stare.

Nabby is such a pain in the ass. His disdain for the questions was so apparent. *loves* Maybe one day he can be our AlMo!

Barry says that Niko Dimitrakos has scored big points for Tampa Bay. Well motherfucker! Get his ass over here because we need him scoring big points for us!

Lira and I are going to Game 5!!!

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Dude I never really looked at nabby before that press conference and I had my sound down so I didnt hear him but he looks differnt than I thought he did with a mask off and is oddly hot. :)

Dude, that uhh... ptc555 girl finds him "strangely hot" too! His attitude is hot, LOL!

yeha I said it in chat and then her entry was there when I refreshed lj hehe

You're spreading it to everyone--soon everyone will find him oddly/strangely/weirdly hot. :P

Nabby is so cool. Well, not cool. Very not cool. And that makes him cool. I wanna hang out with him.

After he finishes off the Flamers.

You could make fun of people together. He's good at that.

Eeee, thank you!!!

Barry says that Niko Dimitrakos has scored big points for Tampa Bay. Well motherfucker! Get his ass over here because we need him scoring big points for us!

*sporfle* Aww, but we were having fun with him and his awesome name! ;)

YAY for Game 5!!!

(Deleted comment)

Well, I guess I'll have to find out what Alex is doing Sunday afternoon...

*squeals* We are??? *runs around in circles and beams herself on the doorjamb*

I want to see Nabby post-game snark! Damn work and its workness.

Alex's russianness inspires Sasha. *nods* They have the same name! It's a sign.

Did you see The Hockey News put Niko under "Plus"? Eveyrone keeps calling him a rookie, but he played 21 games or some last season. What's up with that?

This comment is becoming a long rambly email, so I'll stop here. And probably just write a long rambly email. :)

We are! We are! And we'll be in the same section as branwynelf. She said that sometimes there are empty seats around her so we might be able to move down and all sit together.

Nabby looked as if he thought that every question was stupid. The evil glare was my favourite part though. It was like he was on the ice. *sighs happily*

Oh I didn't! I think you're still a rookie if you haven't played more than 25 games in a season. That's why Spezza got screwed out of Calder eligibility this season cos' he'd played 26 games last season. :P

Yes, like the one I have on Scott Hannan.

A friend of mine told me that people can develop attractions to people they're grateful to. In these two cases: Hannan for shutting guys down, Nabby for being good overall.

Aww, Niko got on the wrong plane! Poor guy. He must so confused, like "who are all these people? What happened to our jerseys? Khabibulin, I thought our goalie was Kiprusoff?"

And YAY for Game 5! :)

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