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The Invincible M.A.E.

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There will be a Game 5!

And Lira and I will be there. I hope. :)

Umm, did Panger say something to the effect of "he has nothing down there" tonight? It's good to know that our goalie is still Kiprusoff.

So as part of my latest workout flurry (inspired by rabid reading of Fitness magazine), I went to 24 Hour Fitness and used one of those elliptical trainer things, the kind that measure your heart rate with metal contacts on the handles. Anyway, the machine was having trouble reading my heart rate, and after three minutes reported YOU HAVE NO HEART RATE.

Then a wooden stake was launched from the machine to impale me through my obviously vampiric heart.

As I was walking home a bunch of schoolkids screamed at me. At first I thought they were just randomly screaming but then I noticed they were all looking at me as they screamed.

"Climb the tree!" they chanted at me.

I kind of blinked at them for a while before realizing that there was a ball stuck in the tree next to me that they wanted back so I retrieved it for them (by jumping, not climbing).

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I thought you seemed undead to me.

That's so insane that the kids wanted you to climb the tree to get a ball back. Instead of, y'know, saying "hey, could you help us get our ball?"

Really? What gave it away? *bares fangs*

They also wanted me to throw it 30 feet over the fence to them. Kids don't think things through very well. :P

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