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Mmm, books...

Apparently an icon of a cute French girl is somewhat jarring, so I'm going back to androgynous half-demon guy with silver hair and gun, and a propensity for being impaled through the heart with various swords.

So I went shopping at Old Navy yesterday to get some workout clothes, and as usual picked up a bunch of other clothes too. Looking at my purchases today, I realize that I still shop as if I'm a teenager in Singapore. Doh!

I also got a cute little beach mat, which I'll use for sprawling in the park near my house while I write, so I don't have to sit on the park bench next to all the crazies and/or old people who randomly burst into song or read their papers out loud.

I passed a temporary book store that was selling tons of books at a big discount, and I browsed the paperbacks and picked up a few books. I haven't been to a bookstore in ages, even though they were like my favourite place in the world when I was a kid. There's just something really magical about being surrounded by all these stories and fake lives that you can peek into, I guess.

I started reading Who I was Supposed to Be by Susan Perabo, and I love the first few stories. I also picked up Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley, In a Father's Place by Christopher Tilghman and The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills.

The reason why I woke up at 8 AM today became much less mysterious when I noticed that there had been a jackhammer going outside my window for the past couple of hours.
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