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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Fic title meme

Fic title meme, stolen from frala and almost the entire IHC gang. :P Pick five, or ten, or more, of your fic titles. List them in your journal and explain how you came up with each one.

Edelweiss Umm, embarrassingly I had just remembered this awful song from the late 80s/early 90s called Bring Me Edelweiss and decided Edelweiss would make a good title for the fic. I knew pretty much all flowers had meaning so I Googled it and I found the story about the flower and it was so perfect, I just had to include it.

Ravenous I'd just watched the movie Ravenous which is about cannibals with--oops, that would be a spoiler! Umm, anyway, liked the word, and fit it into the fic.

Cerulean Sky I wanted something that would be kind of dreamy and pretty, and that fit. The fact that it's Cerulean Sky = CS = Cheese Sandwich was completely unintentional, but very cool. :P

Oubliette I got the idea for a fic where these guys share a terrible secret, and explore the way each of them dealt with (or didn't deal with) it. I remembered the word oubliette because it was the name of a map in Quake (yes, yes, I am a geek) and I knew it meant a dungeon which has only one entrance/exit, and I thought that worked well.

Equilateral Umm, I vaguely remember Bernie somehow getting me to agree to write Ducklings threesome smut. I thought about the "standard" love triangles, and thought I'd write it a little different, and triangle made me think geometry... equal sides... equilateral.

Supernova Something so powerful and destructive that it consumes a star--gotta be what happens when Thorty and Darcy get together right? :P

Kissing Frogs This was the heading for a section in a Scientific American article about inventions. This guy called the process of trying to get prototypes to work as "kissing frogs". It stuck with me, and I got the idea of a story told like a fairy tale, and everything just fit for Tammy's birthday fic because I've always been taken by the image of Hullymo sitting on a porch when it's all over.

Pleasure Fiends I misheard "fragile things", which was a lyric from "My Last Breath" by Evanescence, as "pleasure fiends". Yes, I am deaf. Fic came from the title.

I wuv titles. :)

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At first I thought I was reading sdq's journal b/c I saw whiteness and flash of blonde and figured she was putting up some Finnish boy or Swedish!deformed hockey player up in her icon. I only caught the peripheral and then was all confused when I saw Edelweiss. So I looked back up and saw that it was indeed your journal.

Then I started singing Edelweiss.


In your icon you turned into a white girl!

*LOL* I thought the same thing! It was like "Ummm... where's Mae go?! Have we been misled this whole time?"

I thought maybe that was you in your icon too but then I remembered Kennedy told me I shouldn't beat you up because you were a tiny little Asian girl.

This is me! Tiny little Asian girl!

- *loves so much*

Edelweiss. I went to Switzerland and found like 383048572 music boxes that played that song. And I wanted to buy one just because it reminded me of your fic, only my mom put her foot down.

And the icon of that actress (who's name I've forgotten already) confused me, because I know what you look like, and then I thought someone had broken into your LJ. :)

Aww!!! But it was just one music box...

Ludivine Sagnier--with a name like that, not surprising you've forgotten. :P

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