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If anyone's looking to get a new free email address, I recommend Fastmail. You get to choose from a pool of about 50 or so domain names, but the big draw for me was that it supports IMAP.

This means you can use an IMAP mail client like Outlook, Eudora or the Mozilla mail client with it, meaning that you avoid banner ads and pop ups and slow ass web interfaces, and can use features like searching (or whatever comes on your mail client) and have it set to check for mail automatically at user-specified intervals.

I watched Swimming Pool with my roommate last night. I struggled with trying to get subtitles to show up but couldn't get it to work. :( So I didn't really understand all the French bits. Did anyone watch it on DVD and get the subtitles to show up successfully?

I was still able to enjoy the movie, though. I think I liked it especially because it's about a writer, and about the process of writing and observing other people and finding inspiration in objects and locations and stuff, and I can kind of relate to that.

But even if the whole thing was in French and I had no idea what was going on it would still have been fun to watch because Ludivine Sagnier is topless for like half the movie and she has nice boobies. :P

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