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Repetition leads to humour

There was this weird guy I knew at college who declared that "repetition leads to humour". All through that day, he would take every opportunity to repeat it and eventually we started giggling. Try it!

Things I learned from ESPN:
  • the Flyers goalie is called Khabibulin
  • the Sharks goalie is called Kiprusoff
  • when the crowd is chanting "let's go, Lightning", that means that the building has been quieted
  • it is obvious that Primeau and Kapanen have a relationship
  • when a team outshoots the other team by a margin of 18-11, they are being outworked

Sometimes, I hate my head. When I used to play computer games that I were really absorbing, I used to imagine them as I was going to sleep. Now if it's a very simple game, like Bejeweled, it's not so bad. When it's an RTS like Warcraft, I'm in trouble because I end up simulating these large-scale battles in my head and I wake up the next morning exhausted.

So last night, in my dreams (or possibly while I was mildly awake), I simulated not one but two full hockey games in my head. In the first one, we lost to the Flames. In the second one we won, thanks to Cheech. I am so tired now. :(

I've already told IHC the first bit of this post, and joolzie the second. But you know, repetition leads to humour.

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