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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So what did they say in that handshake line last season?

*giggle* Look what jerichoholic419 made!

Patrik's messages to Petr

Now Whore is gonna go beat Patty up. :P

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...clicking that link crashed all five instances of IE that I was working in. GRRRR.

Uhh... oops! *points finger at Melissa*

(Deleted comment)
*laughs* It's OK, just means that I'm going to have to actually finish this work before I go think about hockey players.

When I'd much, much, much rather think about Patrik. Sykie, too.

*dies* "Tell PJ I said hi"!!!!!!!!!

Aww I wish I could see it. The java shit is still fucked up. [cries]

It's that picture of them in the handshake line last season.

Patty says to Petr: "Hey Petr, you are sexiest man in whole universe. I will always love you. Tell PJ I said hi."

haha aww. I wish I could see it!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee!! That is brilliant LOL! PJ!

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