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Nope, still not sunk in yet

If I don't watch the Flyers/Leafs game the Leafs aren't really out, right?

Wow, we're going to the WCF. It's so surreal. It feels like some kind of very careful, delicate illusion. Like if someone says the wrong thing, or looks into a place they're not supposed to, the illusion will be dispelled and we won't have made it into the playoffs this season at all.

I would have much preferred playing against the Wings next round. Not saying that the Flames are better than them, but our style is more effective against the Wings than the Flames.

I'm watching the midnight replay of the ESPN broadcast and the moment a Shark scores a goal it cuts abruptly to commercial. Is the theory that if you cut away quickly enough, the goal didn't happen?

I'm amused that the Canucks fans are trolling on the Sharks behalf on the Avs message board. :P

I think it's interesting how the Sharks have been pigeonholed into the same category as the Ducks and the Wild, i.e. trapping, clutching and grabbing, and dependent on a great goalie. Apparently because we have a low payroll and no big stars. Just because we share those characteristics doesn't mean that we share the others too.

We spread out the scoring on our team. For real. We have five 20-goal scorers (and another with 19) and our game is forechecking, speed and defensive responsibility. I'm sure you can point out Sharks committing obstruction penalties in the Avs series. Well you can point out just as many Avs doing the same things. If you watched the game without bias, that is. :P

But umm, yes, keep thinking we play that way. It helps us. :) *waves magic wand*

If (and this is a huge if) the Flyers and Sharks meet in the SCF, it will be the second consecutive year of brother vs brother. These two even look really alike and play a similar kind of role!

And so I don't forget again... when I was 13, in some class or other, the teacher asked us to pick what animal we wanted to be. I picked shark. :)
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