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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2


Happy birthday, em16!!!

I'm so happy I was sobbing after the game, and I think that's all I have to say about that.

I think after this post-season Marcel Goc should just pack his bags and move back to Germany, LOL.

His first NHL game ever he assists on the series-clinching goal. His second NHL game ever he scores the series-clinching goal. Everything else is just going to be a letdown. :P

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And *thankyou* to the Sharks. God.


Thank you!

And YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Sharkies! *rolls around in happy*

*cuddles* Hope you had a great day. :)

hehehehe YAY!!

I'm trying really had to make my schedule able for me to go to Game 5...whether it be the 17th or 18th (cause nhl's schedule is wrong).

Anyone knoe what ticket prices are gonna be?


Hmm, they'll probably raise the prices by another $5 or so in the next round. I'm guessing that upper bowl tickets (row 2-12) will be in the $55-$60 range but I'm not sure about that.

ok, cause the prices for this round, according to ticketmaster were 25-139..so raising by 5 would be fine by me, cause i prefer upper bowl for just watchign the game...way better view

No, next he'll score the Cup-winning goal. Game seven. On a penalty shot. In overtime.

*dies* He so will! And then he'll attain enlightenment.


*goes insane and tackles you*

It still feels like a twilight zone to me. I'll just go with the flow though.

I've pretty much decided I'll be rooting for the Sharks through out the run. I mean it's not like I can stop now. Next round will definitely be interesting.

Almost this entire season has been the twilight zone for me. :P

Aww, that makes me so happy!!! *hugs*

I'm sooooo happy for you, Mae!! The fans and your boys deserve this!

I want to take physical possession of your icon.

Hahahaahaha I love those boys. <3

*deep breath*

congrats!!!!!!!!! *hugsya*

i even wore a teal bandaid for ya last night... hehe

*squeals* Thanks!!!

Aww, that's so awesome, LOL! :D

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